1 Year Post-op + Lip Lift

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Numb and Stiff Lips After Lip Lift

Last year, I had a Lip Lift. Besides removing skin, the doctor removed a strip of my orbicularis oculi (OO) muscle, then sewed the muscle to the bone... READ MORE

Lip Lift Stitches Not Dissolvable?

I had a lip lift procedure about a year ago, and the scar still is sensitive and bumpy, red and unnattractive. I scar well normally, but I am certain... READ MORE

Lip Lift Procedure After Lip Augmentation?

A year ago I had permanent lip fillers injected & am not happy with the result. I recently visited a known surgeon who informed me it can be... READ MORE

Can I have a scar revision lip lift? (photos)

Had a lip lift 3 yrs ago. Slight lift improvement and some scaring. In May 2016, had second lift which removed scars and more lift, but now left with... READ MORE

I had a lip lift a year ago and was left with distorted, enlarged nostrils that are pulling downward. Can this be fixed? (Pohto)

The skin from inide my nose is pulling down causing a cavernous appearance. And my nostrils are stretched. Can this be fixed? Why does this occur? I... READ MORE

Is there a solution to reverse a lip lift or reduce the gummy appearance? I'm 1.5 years post op.

I had a lip lift 1.5 years ago. I strongly regret my decision has it has ruined my smile and given me a gummy smile. I don't even recognize myself... READ MORE

Any chance for natural looking lips? (Photo)

I had gullwing lift lip operation 1year ago for bigger lips, unfortunately there happened some complications after the operation, the result is awful.... READ MORE

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