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Appointment for Laser Lipo is booked for next week. Will swelling be noticeable and when can I dance? (photos)

Having my Abdomen, Arms, Inner Thighs and Love Handles done... My main concern is if the swelling is noticeably visible or its just internal? Also how... READ MORE

Multiple Areas at the Same Time With Laser Lipo?

With Laser Lipo, can Inner thighs, knees, butt and stomach all be done in one operation? Or is it dangerous?   READ MORE

Laser liposuction of abdomen flanks inner thighs and saddlebags. Is this too much to get it done at once? (photo)

Is this to much to get done at once ? what are some good suggestions for healing? anything I should be prepared with doing so much at once? I am 16... READ MORE

Is Laser Lipo or CoolSculpting worth it for stubborn areas?

I'm a 21 yr old female who wants to get rid of some fat in the inner thigh area. I'm 5'3 at about 121 lb so I know that I'm at a healthy weight, I... READ MORE

How long before skin tightening occurs? Does the fat leave the body over time or is it only what's removed during surgery?

I have had laser lipo 2 weeks ago and am yet to notice results. My bruising and swelling has gone. I am not a large person but I had inner and outer... READ MORE

When I walk I feel like I'm pulling a muscle in my thighs. What is causing this and will it get better?

14 Days post op from laser lipo on inner and outer thighs and hips. When I stand and try to walk, I have a pulling sensation on my inner thigh area... READ MORE

Secondary gluteal crease after butt lipo. Uneven result after tummy tuck. Irregularities at thighs after liposuction. (photos)

Mini tuck+laser lipo tummy, flanks, inner thighs, buttocks on 07/01/16. Secondary gluteal crease has developed. Inner thighs uneven, dent leads to... READ MORE

I had laser lipo done 5 weeks ago - not enough fat has been removed!

I had laser lipo done 5 weeks ago - I don't believe enough fat was removed and I'm totally disappointed as it cost a lot of money and time has been... READ MORE

How long before vigorous exercise after lipo?

I'm having laser lipo done on my inner thighs, inner knees, lower and upper abs and love handles. How long (realistically) before I can return to... READ MORE

I am 26, 118 pounds and 5'2". Doing laser lipo on abdomen and inner thighs on Feb 5th.

I haven't worked out in 9 weeks due to travelling since the holidays.I was 137 pounds in August and then i started a strength training routine and... READ MORE

My PS removed only 1000cc of fat. Isn't that just a little bit?

My PS removed 1000 cc of fat. Laser Lipo of full abdomen,flanks,bra roll and inner thighs. Doesn't that seem be just a little bit of fat removed from... READ MORE

Bikram yoga and deep stretching after laser liposuction? (photos)

I had laser lipo on my upper and lower abdomen, flanks and inner and outer thighs 16 days ago. I tried to return GENTLY to Bikram beginning four days... READ MORE

26 years old, 5'2 117.7 lbs pre op. Laser Lipo on February 3rd, was enough fat removed? Pretty small to begin with.

I had laser lipo to slim down my pooch and inner thighs The breakdown of fat removal is: Abdomen – 600cc Left Love Handle – 300cc Right Love Han... READ MORE

Can a compression garment be too tight?

I had laser lipo on inner and outer thighs 3 days ago. They took off 2500cc. I have no complaints other than this garment. It's squeezing my abdomen... READ MORE

Where can I get a fair quote for Laser Liposuction?

Hey real self team, This is Salma, my tt finally healed well, but now i need a laser liposunction of my abdomen the fat that was not complete removed... READ MORE

Does Sono Bello work? I am looking to work on my lateral thighs, hips, and maybe inner thighs.

I have a consultation coming up with sonobello this week and want to make sure I am not wasting my time. I don't have a lot to take, as I am 5'2, 115... READ MORE

Why did I feel so much pain during laser lipo & cellulaze treatment?

I just had laser lipo and cellulaze of my inner/outer thighs and above my knees. I was given lidocaine injections at the start of the procedure but... READ MORE

How do you use the bathroom, wearing the garment? (Photo)

I am having laser liposculpture I am getting my hold back done , sides, inner tight, arms. And butt transfer. If you are supposed to wear the garment... READ MORE

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