Moles + Laser Hair Removal

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Is It Safe to Have Laser Hair Removal Where There is a Mole?

I am considering laser hair removal for my underarms, but I have a mole on my underarm, would I need to remove my mole before Laser Hair removal or is... READ MORE

Can Laser Hair Removal Be Used to Safely Remove Hairs On/near Moles?

I will be having laser hair removal treatment on my face. I have a mole which has unsightly hairs growing out of it, is it safe to have this hair... READ MORE

I had Laser Hair Removal, causing mole damage. Will I get cancer from the damage?

I have been getting hair removal laser treatment, but this last time I got it, I requested a higher level so that I would see a faster reduction of my... READ MORE

How Will a Benign Mole in the Treatment Area Be Affected by Laser Hair Removal?

The technician seemed certain it would darken, but what I keep reading is that it may lighten. It is fairly light already, and raised. I saw a... READ MORE

Burn caused by laser for mole removal - Will the scars go away? (Photo)

This is the picture of th scars.I had a session of laser to remove the moles i had on my face and it has left these burn scars will it go away? Im... READ MORE

Should I be concerned about this mole after laser hair removal? (photo)

I recently received laser hair removal on my stomach because I have blonde hairs that bother me. The lady lasered over a dark mole about a centimeter... READ MORE

Why did Laser hair removal make my mole fall off? Will it come back?

Hi, I started Lazer hair removal on my jaw line and the lady i went too last week lazered my cheeck too as she said there was some hairs. I have a... READ MORE

laser hair removal ?

Hi , i am thinking about laser hair removal , i just wanna know if it's safe, i have fair skin, light brown hair & few moles on my skin .. i had been... READ MORE

Changed moles after laser hair removal. What should I do? (Photo)

On my second laser treatment on my arms the laser was set to a higher setting. It hurt more & I am extremely concerned about freckle changes. The... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Do Laser Hair Removal of Full Arms if I Had a Few Moles?

I just did laser hair removal of full arms and when I got back home I saw that the part of my mole was gone( its a small mole), not bleeding, but some... READ MORE

Recently started Laser Hair removal on my chest. My moles are red around ahd have puss in them. What can I do?

I went to get my hair on my chest lasered in a hair removal clinic yesterday and today the moles on my chest have puss and there are red rings around... READ MORE

Can Laser Hair Removal Be Used to Safely Remove Hair near Moles?

Since I was born I had this dark a little big mole on my face .. And today for the first time I did a laser session for a hair removal on my face ..... READ MORE

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