Labiaplasty Videos

Choosing a Doctor for Vaginal Rejuvenation or FemiLift

Dr. Robert Rubino highlights some important qualifications you should look for in a doctor and a practice when choosing a doctor for vaginal rejuvenation or FemiLift. VIEW NOW

What is Labia Reduction Surgery?

Dr. Amir Nakhdjevani discusses labia reduction surgery, which is a cosmetic surgery procedure that involves modifying the size or shape of large or uneven labia. VIEW NOW

Avoiding Nerve Injury During Labiaplasty

Dr. Adam Oppenheimer shows his modified edge labiaplasty approach and how he safely avoids injury to the clitoris during surgery. VIEW NOW


Labia Enhancement: Fat Transfer to The Labia Majora (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Moises Salama transfers fat to this woman's labia majora, approximately 30 cc's per side, and explains post surgery results and expectations. VIEW NOW


Labiaplasty: No Longer Taboo

Dr. Mark Epstein discusses how labiaplasty has helped numerous women for a variety of different reasons, such as discomfort or aesthetic appearance. He also discusses who could be a good candidate for the procedure. VIEW NOW

Labiaplasty: Pros and Cons of the Wedge Technique

Dr. Otto Placik gives an overview of the labiaplasty procedure, as well as the benefits and disadvantages of a labiaplasty utilizing the wedge technique. VIEW NOW

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All About Labiaplasty: The Doctor Discusses the Procedure and Who Is a Good Candidate

Dr. Susan MacLennan discusses the benefits of labiaplasty and the types of candidates who commonly undergo the procedure. VIEW NOW

Labiaplasty Before & After: What Is a Labiaplasty? (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Aviva Preminger discusses the many reasons women may consider a labiaplasty procedure. She also includes a short clip of the procedure and before and after images. VIEW NOW

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Labiaplasty: An Overview on the Procedure and Its Growing Popularity

Dr. David Berman talks about the growing popularity of this procedure and offers a complete overview. VIEW NOW

Learn About The Horseshoe Labiaplasty Technique for Excess Skin

Dr. Marc DuPéré discusses the horseshoe technique for labiaplasty procedures. This technique is used to reduce the excess skin around the clitoris region. VIEW NOW

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Inner Labiaplasty: Wedge Excision Technique vs. Trimming Technique

Dr. Marc DuPéré explains the differences between the trimming and wedge excision techniques for inner labiaplasty surgery. VIEW NOW

Inner Labiaplasty Techniques: Trimming and the Wedge Excision

Dr. Marc DuPéré discusses the different techniques used in inner labiaplasty surgeries, such as trimming and the wedge excision. VIEW NOW

Labia Majora Labiaplasty: Options to Rejuvenate the Outer Labia

Dr. Marc DuPéré discusses what options are available to enhance the outer labia, also known as the labia majora. VIEW NOW

Labiaplasty: The Doctor Discusses the Anatomy and Procedure

Dr. Marc DuPéré discusses the anatomy of the labia and the labiaplasty procedure. VIEW NOW

Perineoplasty: What Is It and What Can Be Improved?

Dr. Marc DuPéré illustrates where the perineum is, what some common problems in that area are, and how this procedure can help with revising an episiotomy scar or eradicate warts. VIEW NOW