Labiaplasty Videos

Labiaplasty Explained Using Cookie Dough — See It For Yourself (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Heather J. Furnas explains labiaplasty and clitoral hood reduction. See what she's got cooking. VIEW NOW

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Two Labia Reduction Techniques Produce Differing Results

Dr. Dana Goldberg explains the two techniques that a plastic surgeon might use when reducing the size of the labia minora. VIEW NOW

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Comfort Is Key on the Day of Labiaplasty Surgery

Dr. Dana Goldberg explains how many measures are taken to make sure the patient stays comfortable before, during, and after a labiaplasty procedure. VIEW NOW

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Labiaplasty Provides Increased Comfort and Self Confidence

A large or protruding labia minora can cause discomfort during exercise or when wearing regular clothes, and embarrassment or physical discomfort during sexual activity. Labiaplasty is the surgical reduction of the inner labia. VIEW NOW


What is a Labiaplasty?

Dr. Dana M. Goldberg discusses everything you need to know about Labiaplasty including signs you are a good candidate and how long recovery time is. VIEW NOW

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Vaginoplasty: Understanding the Benefits

Dr. Paul Vitenas explains in great detail the benefits of a vaginoplasty to return the vagina to a woman's pre-birth state. VIEW NOW

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Labiaplasty: Wedge Method vs. Trim Method

Dr. Aimee Nguyen explains how she performs both methods and why choosing a technique, depends upon each patient's needs. VIEW NOW

What's Included in the Cost of Labiaplasty? — The Doctor Explains

Dr. Aimee discusses what's included in the cost of labiaplasty, how to select a surgeon, and what you can expect after the procedure. VIEW NOW

The Doctor's Technique for Hiding Labiaplasty Scars (GRAPHIC)

Will anyone be able to tell I had a labiaplasty? During surgery Dr. Adam Oppenheimer uses delicate suture techniques and a hidden incision to hide the labiaplasty scar. VIEW NOW

Labiaplasty: Find Out If You're a Candidate

Dr. Susan MacLennan discusses general information about Labiaplasty and what patients would be good candidates for this surgery. VIEW NOW

Labiaplasty: What to Consider When Researching Cost

Dr. Jed H. Horowitz explains three factors to take into consideration when determining the cost of surgery. VIEW NOW

Treatment for Large Labia and Clitoral Hood (GRAPHIC)

This "horseshoe" labiaplasty by Dr. Adam J. Oppenheimer is a complete vaginal rejuvenation: removing excess labia minora and clitoral hood tissue as well as achieving vaginal tightening. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Peforms Labiaplasty Surgery Using the Wedge Technique (GRAPHIC)

Dr. S. Larry Schlesinger invites us into the operating room where he performs a labiaplasty surgery using the wedge technique created by Dr. Alter. VIEW NOW

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See This Woman's Labiaplasty Surgery and Dramatic Before & After (GRAPHIC)

This woman had severe pinching and pulling of her enlarge labia minora, and developed an extra skin "tag" from repetitive trauma. Dr. Adam J. Oppenheimer performs an extended wedge labiaplasty and clitoral hood reduction. VIEW NOW


How Smoking Impacts Healing After Cosmetic Procedures

Smoking can have a dramatic impact on your body's ability to heal. Find out how smoking impacts wound healing from Dr. John J. Edney. VIEW NOW

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