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Kybella on the lower cheeks to treat face fullness?

Can kybella be used in the cheeks? If there is a danger of damaging the facial nerves,how bout using the (vein finder) like accu vein finder while... READ MORE

55 year old with bad fat under chin. Will Kybella work for me or what are my alternatives? (Photos)

I am 55 and hate my double chin. I have been looking into kybella . I had surgery on the left side of my neck for a cyst when I was 13 that left me... READ MORE

I had Kybella injected to my chin 2 weeks ago. I noticed when the nurse injected on my right side like she hit a nerve.

Neck feels very tight when i tilt my head back on the right side. Feels like a muscle is being pulled and i can feel a strange stretch band on my neck... READ MORE

Off label kybella for jowls to firm or define jaw line? (photo)

I had my 1st kybella treatment today for the jowl area. I was nervous because I know this area can result in nerve damage but my provider said they've... READ MORE

Had my 3d Kybella treatment on Friday. Woke up on Monday with lower lip dropping on the left side.

Asymmetry is noticeable when I smile with lips open, mouth wide open, and lip retraction. No asymmetry when I smile with lip closed or pucker lips.... READ MORE

Are there any long term nerve damage cases that did no resolve?

Surgical choices are not an option for me so Kybella seems like a good choice, however I am reading more about it and it seems like nerve damage can... READ MORE

Is it possible to correct a witches chin with Kybella?

I have an excess of tissue/fat on the pad of my chin. I'm a thin person, and it's a genetic trait in my family. I'm trying to avoid going under the... READ MORE

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