Is there anything I can do to help regain mandibular nerve after Kybella paralysis of nerve?

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Mandibular Nerve Paralysis

Thank you for your question. The paralysis of the nerve is not permanent. It can take up to 4 months to regain its function. Best of Luck! 

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Mandibular Nerve Paralysis

One of the many reasons that I always recommend that patients see a board certified plastic surgeon or cosmetic dermatologist with a lot of experience is so something like this won't happy. Thankfully, the paralysis should not be permanent, but it may take up to a month to resolve. So sorry that you are experiencing this.


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Mandibular nerve paralysis and Kybella

One of the side effects of Kybella is potential mandibular nerve paralysis if the injections are made too high. It is not a permanent side effect but can last for over a month until it resolves.  That is why it is so important to consult a board certified dermatologist who is an expert in Kybella and other cosmetic injections.  Best, Dr. Green


unfortunately it will just take time for things to come back. You can speak to your doctor about using a little botox on the opposite side to help with symmetry. 

Kybella and nerve damage

Thank you for your question. The good news, I am not aware of any cases of permanent nerve damage from Kybella. All the cases reported have been temporary. There is probably no definitive way to improve nerve healing. However, I would recomend dally exercises of attemtping to purse your lips as if trying to give a kiss. This will get any part of the muscle that is still working to help recruit the remainder of the muscle that is affected. Good luck.

Kybella and Mandibular Nerve Paralysis

Hello moserglea,

Thank you for sharing your question. I am sorry to hear you are having these difficulties post Kybella. Our best information tells us that when there is nerve injury after Kybella injections the median time to resolution was about 44 days. We also know the injury is NOT permanent and will resolve all by itself. Tincture of time is all you need. Be well.

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Kybella Side Effects

The paralysis should wear off with time as the nerve begins to regain it's function. This should take a few months, but won't be permanent.  you can try RF treatments like venus legacy and exilis ultra with steroids and neurontin to speed up the healing.  LED may also help.  Best, Dr. Emer

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Is there anything I can do to help regain mandibular nerve after Kybella paralysis of nerve?

Thank you for sharing your question and I am sorry to hear of your mandibular nerve issue.  Unfortunately the best course of treatment is simply allowing enough time to pass so that the nerve regains its function. In the initial studies with Kybella, paralysis was never permenant, but took up to 4 months to overcome.  Best wishes. 

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