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Would You Recommend Juvederm for my Lips?

I would like my lips to be plumper and have a bit of a pout. They're quite thin (even after using lip liner - as in pics) and the upper lip... READ MORE

Should I Get a Juvederm Injected to my Lips?

So this is my sad story.. I have an underbite.. and I cant have surgery because its superrrr expensive. I have very low self-esteem because of that... READ MORE

Will the enzyme to dissolve fillers make my lips go back to there normal state ? (photos)

I had half a syringe of juvederm ultra 3 injected into my lips , I hate them it was a rushed job and regretted it the second she showed me in the... READ MORE

How do my lips look? (photos)

I just got my lips done yesterday, injected with Juvederm. I have naturally small and thin lips with a top lip that is barely there and hides under. I... READ MORE

What is the maintenance like on lip fillers?

I have very thin lips, and basically no structure to my upper lip. I just got my first injection on juvaderm ultra, and I know I will need a few... READ MORE

I have thin lips and I just paid for a lip augmentation with Juvederm (Photo)

However the Doctor seems very conservative and I am truly afraid cause although I don't want to look like duck I do want a difference and it seems... READ MORE

Is it possible for me to achieve full lips from getting Juvaderm or Restylane?

I've had thin, bird lips all of my life and was wondering if it could be possible to achieve plump, full lips (like in the picture), through lip... READ MORE

How many syringes or MLs of Juvederm I would need to achieve these lips? (Photos)

I am looking into getting lip fillers. I would just like to know how much Juvederm I would need to get the lips i want. Is 1ml a full syringe? My... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Juvederm? (photos)

I don't have very thin lips, but I want both my bottom & top lips to bet fuller. I don't want them to look fake, but I definitely want fuller lips. READ MORE

Thin, limpy lips. Just got Juvederm, which helped but I kind of look like the Joker. Can more injections fix this? (Photo)

So I don't know if more injections can turn up the corners of my upper lip or if my only option is a lip lift. READ MORE

Would lip injections be a good fit for me? (Photo)

Here's the funny thing. I love the shape and size of my lips when they are closed, but when I smile with my teeth my lips get so thin that it looks... READ MORE

How long after 1 syringe of Juvederm should you wait to do a second?

I have extremely thin lips and I recently had my first syringe of Juvederm done. I actually liked the size they were when swollen, and 2 weeks later... READ MORE

I'm 16 yrs old wanting Juvèderm lip injections. Any suggestions?

My daughter is 16 and would like lip injections because her lips are quite thin. I'm not against it at all I was just wondering if she could get it at... READ MORE

I'd like to have a fuller upper lip, especially when I smile. Would 1 cc of Juvederm be enough? (photos)

My issue is with the thinness of the upper lip and the creases in the nasolabial folds. I am wondering if I could use 1 cc of Juviderm and split it... READ MORE

What happens if I keep an ice pack on my lips for 40 straight minutes instead of 5 minutes on/5 minutes off? (Juvederm for lips)

I didn't give my lips a break when icing them after I got lip injections. Does this in any way affect my results? I was told that normally on the... READ MORE

Why does Juvederm keep turning the sides of my lips down instead of plumping them?

I've had juvederm before and it's worked great. I have thin side lips and want to plump them. One doctor filled my vermillion border and it made my... READ MORE

Should I get two syringes of Juvederm for lip filler? I have very thin lips. (Photo)

I am not sure how many syringes to get. I would like very full lips but I don't want to look fake. READ MORE

How much filler will my lips require for a fuller pouty look? (photos)

I have an appointment Friday for juvederm lip augmentation. Do you believe one syringe will be enough or more? As you can see my lips are pretty thin. READ MORE

Did I get ripped off with one mil and how many lip fillers to get my swollen lips? (Photos)

I need help. I got a discount coupon on lips. I got one mil. My lips prior were really full on the bottom and we're thin but not overly thin. Did I... READ MORE

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