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Am I a Suitable Candidate for Juvederm to Treat Dark Circles?

I'm 23 years old with hereditary purplish dark circles. The skin under my eyes is very thin, and the veins are apparent, so earlier this year I... READ MORE

Necrosis of the Lip?

I went to a derm's office and a nurse injected my lips with Juvederm filler. My lips still hurt and are very swollen and the bottom lip is very... READ MORE

Darkened Purple Colour Under Eyes (Hemosiderin?) - Can I Do Juvederm?

Apparently an existing purple colour under eyes caused by hemosiderin can darken purple if fillers are used. I have tear troughs. Very noticeable. I... READ MORE

Juvederm and Vascular Laser Under Eyes for Hollows and Purple Shadows?

I would like 2 have Juvederm done 2 fill hollow troughs under my eyes. It would seem that I have lost volume/fat under my eyes. It looks as though... READ MORE

Should I Expect Purple Lip After Hyaluronidaze Injection?

I had Juvederm for the 20th time today. No problems in the past. But today the lower lip turned white, then dark with poor refill after blanching, so... READ MORE

Necrosis or Bruise? (photo)

Had juvaderm filler inserted yesterday and didn't notice anything til this morning. Is this an early symptom of necrosis? There's no pain or... READ MORE

Purply Red After Juvederm. Causes?

I've had juvederm injection in between my eyebrows 6 days ago. Right after the needle the spot above it (around 1cm long) and also a stripe down... READ MORE

Juvederm was injected into the blood vessels in my nose and my nose turned purple. Any suggestions?

My nose and face turned purple. I had bleeding into my eye I was told the juvederm was too thick to draw back in the syringe so as to be able to check... READ MORE

Lightish patch in the bruise after lip filler. Is this ok? (photos)

I got 1ml of juvaderm ultra yesterday .. Everything was fine an then I think the nurse hit a blood vessel or something There was a lump on left side... READ MORE

Juvederm in nasal folds has caused huge purple mark on my face and my face is numb, it's been 10 days and only getting worse

Is this a clogged artery? i have been doing juvederm 10 years and never had any side affects like this. this was a new medspa i tried and i believe... READ MORE

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