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Will filler injected into the philtrum roll top lip up? Already have 1 mL Juvederm injected. (photos)

I had 1 mL juvederm ultra injected into my lips 4 months ago. I like having fuller lips, but I don't like how the filler made my top lip go straight... READ MORE

The Doctor Put Juvederm in the Two Vertical Lines Between Nose and Lip. It is Huge?

I had juvederm injections 3 days ago. The bruising is still very bad. The doctor put in a lot of product into the vertical lines between the nose and... READ MORE

Lips/philtrum forever ruined with Juvederm? 3 days ago lip fillers in philtrum injected, scarring possible? (Photo)

Hello, I have asked the same question one day ago. This time I am providing better photos. My philtrum looks red and wide after Juvederm Ultra Smile... READ MORE

Can I Selectively Dissolve Juvederm from Philtrium?

I had my lips enhanced top and bottom with one syringe (1cc) of juvederm. It's been 5days and I am not to crazy about the philtrium that my injector... READ MORE

Can Juvederm Ulra Plus be injected into the the Vermilion border and Philtrum columns?

I am interested in having Juvederm Ulra Plus be injected into the the Vermilion border and Philtrum columns? Is this ol? READ MORE

Could this be a blood vessel problem after Juvederm in lips? Red vertical lines after 0,5 Juve in philtrum, scarring? (Photo)

YesterdayI have got0,5 ofJuvedermUltraSmile injected into my philtrum to make it and the cupid bow stand out more.The doc injected it a little over... READ MORE

Will my philtrum go down and back to normal after my lip fillers swelling goes down?

A couple hours ago I got lip fillers, but my philtrum looks so duck looking and big and sticks out! I hope it's just swelling, will this go away soon... READ MORE

How to fix duck face? (philtrum enhancement maybe?)

Hello, i got juvaderm 1ml few months ago. The thing is, i got bigger lips but they appear duck like. As you can see, even from the front view my upper... READ MORE

Is there a way to inject filler to create a lip lift effect?

I'd like to create the appearance of a slightly shorter upper lip without having to undergo surgery. Can fillers be used either in the philtral... READ MORE

Had Juvederm in my upper lips; feel like it protrudes unnaturally. Will this go away?

I am 53 yrs old, had juvederm into my upper lip, the white are, not the red lip, the philtrum and smoker lines, although I never smoked. I feel like... READ MORE

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