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Medications to Avoid While on Juvederm?

Are there any medications that might cause a bad reaction to Juvederm? I take allergy meds like Clarinex & Allegra D and have had to take quite a... READ MORE

Are Fillers Safe for Patient on Blood Pressure Medication?

Does taking blood pressure medication interfere with filler such as Relastin? I am planning to get a filler Juvederm or Radiesse. Will taking blood... READ MORE

Can I Have Juvederm with Aquamid?

Is it possible to have Juvederm when I have had Aquamid twice in the last 3 months? I still have fine wrinkles along my top lip that I want rid of.... READ MORE

What's the best medication to help with nerve damage after .5cc Juvederm Voluma filler treatment? (Photo)

I have been diagnosed with Post-traumatic left 2nd division trigeminal neuropathy by a neurologist. It's been nearly 6 months of hell. I got filler... READ MORE

Anyone had a patient recover from nerve damage? (photo)

I have debilitating nerve damage in the left side of my face from .5cc Juvederm Voluma dermal filler 13 months ago. The experienced surgeon used a... READ MORE

Do I need to stop taking any of these before lip injections with juvederm? (Photos)

I take these medicines daily..are they okay to take before lip injections or would they increase chances of bruising or swelling?i heard you shouldn't... READ MORE

Can I get lip fillers after vascular occlusion? What are the risks?

I had lip fillers 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately I developed a rash which went all the way up my right cheek and on my nose (to the right again). It... READ MORE

Are these medicines okay to take before/after lip injections? What else can I do to reduce chances of bruising or swelling?

I take allergy medicine every morning(claratin, allegra,or Zyrtec) and zantac(a stomach medicine) every night.. Is that okay taking before lip... READ MORE

Juvederm Voluma XC - Is there any health reasons or medication that would not make me a successful candidate?

Is there any health reasons or medication that would not make me a successful candidate? READ MORE

Juvaderm lip injections and fluconazole medication?

I have my Juvaderm lip injections scheduled 3-4 days after taking Fluconazole (a single-dose medication for yeast infection treatment)... Is it okay... READ MORE

My nose and chin suddenly swells up 3 years after juvederm. Could it be the cause of my swelling?

Juvaderm swelling after 3 years. Happened twice when i was sick and taking medications poro paracetamol and amoxicap antibiotics. Are juvaderm having... READ MORE

When can I resume Lialda after Juvederm?

I am taking Lialda as a second hand medication to transition to after a couple of months. When can I resume taking Lialda since it has mesalamine in... READ MORE

Why do my lips keep randomly getting swollen since having juvederm fillers a month ago? (Photos)

I have had juvederm fillers done twice before and had no problems. Weeks After having it done the 3rd time I saw my lip get incredibly swollen. I... READ MORE

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