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Will Juvederm Ultra Improve Jowls?

I am 62 but look late 40's (good genes). Would Juvederm Ultra get rid of my jowls? They are not a major problem but I notice them and would like to... READ MORE

Juviderm injected in the high cheekbone, will it lift up the face?

For a high cheekbone effect will it act as a lifting of the face and help with marionette, jowel and under eye hollows as some suggest? I am afraid to... READ MORE

Juvederm Ultra 2 for Nasal Folds and Below Jowls?

Can juvederm ultra 2 be used on the upper nasel folds as well as below the jowel, sides of chin area? Im 29 so im not looking to fill in lines and... READ MORE

Still Have Lumps 1 Year After Juvederm to Marionette Lines, are They Permanent? (photo)

I had Juvederm injected a year ago for my marionette lines which resulted in overfilling. I basically look like I have jowls. The lumps have not... READ MORE

2 Syringes Jowl Area Barely Noticeable? (photo)

I just had 2 syringes of juvederm in my marionette lines 4 days ago. I can barely notice a difference. Is the chin area tougher to treat and usually... READ MORE

Flat Cheeks and Slight Jowls --will Fillers Be Enough? (photo)

My face seems to have lost lots of volume since last October and I'm noticing slight jowls as well as flattened lower face, the fact I'm losing weight... READ MORE

Overfilled cheekbones with Juvederm Voluma 1,3 years, PREJOWL SULCUS? Face lift or filler. (photo)

Dear Drs, my main issue were the hanging around my mouth (prejawl sulcus?) Now my temples are sunken and the cheeks looks overfilled. The lumpy that... READ MORE

Jowl Swelling After Juvederm Injections

Yesterday, I had juvederm injected around the mouth and smile line areas. The doctor injected a numbing agent prior to the treatment, like a dentist.... READ MORE

New vertical creases adjacent to Jowel lines 9 days after lip filler injections. Will they go away? (photos)

10 days after lip filler and I have a vertical crease in each side of my upper lip adjacent to my Jowel lines. I don't want to get more filler or... READ MORE

I am considering Juvaderm for minor marionette lines and the prejowl succulus. Is it safe?

I want to smooth out my jawline. I have never had fillers and I am quite nervous. Are there any bad side effects to this product and what can I expect... READ MORE

Will Laser Treatment Such As Elixis Melt Poorly Placed Juvederm Plus and Smooth out Wrinkles Left from Hyalurindase? (photo)

Juvederm plus left hard lumps on the sides of mouth which also caused jowls. Hyalurindase caused rippling above lips. It has been a year since I've... READ MORE

More pronounced jowls after Juvederm Voluma?

I had Juvederm voluma (2 units) for my sunken cheeks done a week ago. I am very happy with results, my cheeks look much better, I had no bruising and... READ MORE

Juvederm did not work for early signs of jowls and nasiolabal folds. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am 33 and have noticed significant loss of volume in my face and the early signs of nasolabial sagging and the appearance of lower jowls. I am very... READ MORE

How long does Juvederm last? Is there a product that is more long lasting than Juvederm?

I am age 63 and have marionet lines that are deep. I also noticed that I am developing jowels! I am diabetic and use oral medication to control it. I... READ MORE

3 weeks post op Juvederm volume injected, I have lump on jowl and by my mouth. Is this normal?

I was told to gently message area and it would go away. i was offered a heat lazor message as well, and told it was dry blood and it would go away READ MORE

I had a very quick volume loss in jowl area 1 week after treatment. Is this normal?

Had Voluma and Juverderm in my cheeks, around my mouth and jowls 1 week ago. At first everything looked nice and plump. Swelling went down after 4... READ MORE

Juvederm incorrectly placed in nasal labia lines. Any suggestions?

My doctor injected juvederm filler into the lower lines and nothing into the deeper lines right by the nostrils. The effect is my jowls look heavier,... READ MORE

I hear so many differing opinions on how long Juvederm lasts.

Some doctors say in the lips, 4 mths, others say 6. In the face, 6 to 9 mths., others say 1 year. Which is it? The reason I ask is I got Juvederm... READ MORE

Lumps after Juvederm XL placed in nasal folds on 9/30. Both sides are lumpy?

Left is smaller, the right side looks like I have a large jowl. I went back in & she massaged it after a week. I bruised & then on the right... READ MORE

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