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Numbness and Crooked Smile After Juvederm with Dental Block? (photo)

I was injected with Juvederm two days ago. While I realize that some of my problem is with swelling that recede, I'm very concerned that my lips are... READ MORE

Crooked Smile After Juvederm Permanent?

I had Juvederm injected into my lips. My smile has been crooked ever since. After this lip filler, will my lips get back to normal or will I have... READ MORE

Lumps Above Lip After Filler Injected Months Ago; Scar Tissue? Can It Be Fixed?

 I have a lump on each side of my top lip..the one on the left is VERY visible & ugly. I had Juvederm for the first time several months ago.... READ MORE

Crooked Smile 8 Days After Juvederm in Nasolabial Folds, Why Would this Happen?

I had Juvederm in my nasolabial folds, and it looked great - hardly any swelling, no bruising, very natural look. I have a picture taken exactly 48... READ MORE

What do I do now? I cannot laugh hard and smile big w/out it looking like this! (photos)

I had my juvederm 2 syringes on the 11 over a month and a half ago, I'm going back on Friday, because my smile is crooked now and the bumps that I... READ MORE

I had juvederm filler put into my nose 3 days ago. Will this swelling even out? (Photo)

I got filler put into my nose to even out a slightly asymetric nose job. Now it looks a thousand times worse and is completely crooked. At this point... READ MORE

Can Juvederm help with jawline symmetry and tighten early skin laxity under my jawline? (photos)

My right jawbone is significantly thinner that my left one (in my opinion). This stems from a birth defect that also gave me a crooked smile. I've... READ MORE

Could a dental block cause extreme swelling when juvederm is being injected? Please read the whole description.

I had juvederm 2 days ago. The doc used a dental block. Left side of my face was 100% numb. Right side was not. The juv was injected into my smile... READ MORE

Will fillers (Juvederm ultra plus XC) for chin augmentation make my jaws look more asymmetrical than as it is?

I have asymmetric jaws where one side has grown longer than the other. It's noticeable to doctors and when I smile, my mouth looks slightly crooked.... READ MORE

Uneven lumpy lips after Juverderm. Is it normal? (Photo)

I have previously got juverderm on my lips. The first time I had them they were some lumpiness not visual I could only feel them and hey went away... READ MORE

Can lip injections fix a crooked smile?

I had injections of Juvederm by my Plastic Surgeon in my lips to help straighten my smile. When I smile my upper left lip basically disappears. Now,... READ MORE

Droopy cheeks & crooked smile, hollow face after Juvederm. Is it nerve damage?

I had my first Juvederm injection for hollow lower eyelid. However after 2 days, I ended up with very deformed face. I had some health issues from... READ MORE

I received a non-surgical nose job on Friday. How long will I have swelling? (Photo)

On Friday I got a non-surgical nose job to fix a crooked nose and droopy tip using Juvederm. Initially I liked it but it's been swollen everyday and... READ MORE

Juvederm Ultra Plus in lips & marionette lines looks bad. Will my fillers go away completely on their own?

I had 1 syrgine of both Juvederm Ultra Plus & Volbella, and it seems my flaws were emphasized. my smile looks very crooked, and area around mouth... READ MORE

Juvederm help (Photos)

Here are photos before I ever had anything done. Then here are the photos of my most recent (3 week ago) Juvederm. My smile had a bit of crookedness... READ MORE

Hump on nose after juvederm injections? (photos)

2 days ago, I had juvederm injected into my nose to cover up a small bump/unevenness that was only visible in some lights. It looked fine right after... READ MORE

I purchased 2 syringes of Voluma and one Juvederm. Why would they open a full syringe if not using? Should I have to pay if not

They sold me a deal on a consultation. First visit used very very. little. I have a small face and don't need the other syringe of voluma. They are... READ MORE

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