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Juvederm filler hit blood vessel left swollen black and blue upper lip. Should I be worried? (Photo)

Hit blood vessel during Juvederm. Should I be worried? I was told to come back in 3 weeks to finish the treatment. These photos are from 1 day post... READ MORE

Is It Normal for the Doctor to Hit a Blood Vessel?

I had the Juvederm injected around my eyes today and the doctor hit a blood vessel and I have a big bruise and swollen vein is that normal? READ MORE

Is this a blocked blood vessel after Juvederm injection 8 days ago?

Hello, I had juvederm 8 days ago and have red patches and new bruises that popped up below my smile line and lower lip. Initially, I was very swollen... READ MORE

Swelling after Juvederm injection. ER doctor told me I may end up with a scar (Photo)

I had juviderm injection near my mouth 4 days ago. After injection the whole right side of my face swelled and bruised to the top of my forehead. The... READ MORE

Juvederm bruising or blood vessel damage? (Photo)

I had juvederm xc injected in my lips 6 days ago and have a bruise that popped up 2 days after and not in the injection area. I'm also very bruised... READ MORE

Lips/philtrum forever ruined with Juvederm? 3 days ago lip fillers in philtrum injected, scarring possible? (Photo)

Hello, I have asked the same question one day ago. This time I am providing better photos. My philtrum looks red and wide after Juvederm Ultra Smile... READ MORE

Juvederm was injected into the blood vessels in my nose and my nose turned purple. Any suggestions?

My nose and face turned purple. I had bleeding into my eye I was told the juvederm was too thick to draw back in the syringe so as to be able to check... READ MORE

Filler in blood vessel or small amount what are the symptoms ?

I got juvederm injected in my smile lines it's been about a week now and voluma in my cheeks. i My nose got bruised but now it's better. how do you... READ MORE

Could this be a blood vessel problem after Juvederm in lips? Red vertical lines after 0,5 Juve in philtrum, scarring? (Photo)

YesterdayI have got0,5 ofJuvedermUltraSmile injected into my philtrum to make it and the cupid bow stand out more.The doc injected it a little over... READ MORE

Juvederm blocking blood vessel/ infection? (photos)

I had juvederm injected to my hollow cystic acne scar. When the doctor injected me it was extremely painful. That night i saw blackish bruise. 1st day... READ MORE

Blocked Blood Vessel - can I ever get injections again?

The last few years I received many juvederm injections (at a well respected plastic surgeons office) in my nasolabial folds, with no problems.... READ MORE

Lightish patch in the bruise after lip filler. Is this ok? (photos)

I got 1ml of juvaderm ultra yesterday .. Everything was fine an then I think the nurse hit a blood vessel or something There was a lump on left side... READ MORE

What is the technique for injecting Juvederm ?

Should the plunger of the syringe be pulled back to ensure there is no blood present , thus indicating that the needle is not in a blood vessel ?? Or... READ MORE

I got Juvederm in my laughing lines and I experience blockage of the blood vessels?

I got Juviderm in my laughfin lines and I experience blockage of the blood vessels my face and nose got very swollen tender and red my surgeon treated... READ MORE

I have severe bruising from juvaderm in the lip and would like to know if this is normal? (photos)

I had juvaderm injected into my lips two days ago and now have severe swelling and bruising. Especially on my upper lip, it's about twice the size of... READ MORE

Juvederm in lips: blood vessel blocked. Is it the esthetician "fault"? A regular at clinic. Licensed esthetician.

Esthetician suddenly gets extremely focused and started to massage lip, nurse brought hot cloths, icing. Another esthetician was contacted. My skin... READ MORE

Possible to hit a vein or blood vessel in the chin which leads to the vision? Can I get blind?

If you inject juvederm or restylane in the middle of the chin (the tip), is it possible to hit or block the bloodflow in a vein or blood vessel which... READ MORE

I had Juvederm lip filler today, it blew straight up on the left side and bruised. Is this bruising a burst vessel? (photo)

It had now gone a black colour and I'm panicking it could be a burst or injected vessel, what do I do if it is? READ MORE

Pimples after Juvederm injection?

I started to get pimples and pain after two days of the injections. Right now I have a dark pink color of my cheek which is very noticeable. I am... READ MORE

Swollen blood vessel in the cheek after lips filling.

It happened a few hours ago that I had done my lips. After a bit I started to feel in my cheek start from the edge side of my mouth that it's swollen... READ MORE

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