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Does Juvederm Ever Leak from the Injection Site?

I had Juvederm injected in my lips yesterday and this morning one of the injection sites was painful. When I washed my face it bled a tiny bit so I... READ MORE

I'm a 70 yr old woman. Is that too old to be having juvederm injectIons?

Also I have recently been hospitalized for an inflamed colon and had to have some powerful intravenous antibiotics. Will that affect the outcome of... READ MORE

Will Juvederm Revertion Affect on Previous Aquamid on Lips? (photo)

I had 1sylinder of Juvederm injected on my top lip 4days ago after having 2sylinders of Aquamid 6-7 years ago.I had Radiesse put into my nasal lines... READ MORE

Lip filler infection, what now? (photos)

I had my lips filled with juvaderm for the first time 3 days ago. (I have two autoimmune diseases (collagenose- not further specified, and hashimoto)... READ MORE

Do I have an infection? Should I take antibiotics and then have it removed? (photos)

I had 1 Serynge of juvederm injected in my lips and nasolabial folds 2 months ago . I had the normal sweeling no bruises , no pain . Everything looks... READ MORE

Is It Normal for an Infection from Ice Pack After Juvaderm That Was Injected in Frown Lines? (photo)

Why Isnt the Redness Going Away? I have been on antibiotics a light one for 7 days but didnt really get better now i have been on cipro for 10 days... READ MORE

My question is regarding a possible allergic reaction to Juvederm after having had Radiesse years earlier (Photo)

On 1-28 I got 2 syringes juvaderm ultra to fill lines between nose and mouth, immediately I experienced nearly passing out, after coming to my face... READ MORE

Is this cellulitis from juvederm? (Photo)

In may I had juvederm between my brows. .. an immediate lump but was told it was normal .fast forward to Oct 6th my forehead n large vein swelled and... READ MORE

Treatment for vascular compromise after Juvederm? (photos)

Thanks to many who helped with my previous question, I indeed found out I have vascular compromise after juvederm injections. The RN who performed the... READ MORE

Do i have an infection from Juvaderm 0.5ml lip filler?

I had my lips topped up this saturday just gone with 0.5ml of juvaderm and now the right side of my top lip its red, swollen, hot, painful with white... READ MORE

Is the Juvederm injection site infected? (Photo)

I had juviderm Friday by Saturday I had a pretty black bruise, by Sunday night it had lots and lots of little pus pockets on the bruise and I went to... READ MORE

Hematoma caused by Juvederm or worse? (Photos)

Hello everyone, I've had Juvederm injected by a dermatologist 4 days ago into my upper lip and immediately felt a sharp pain, my lip got swollen fast... READ MORE

What is wrong with my lips 3 months after juvederm? They are very painful (Photos)

Had juvederm volift in top lip over 3 mths ago.Had before in top and bottom w/ no probs,this time I get clusters of tiny red bumps which spread over... READ MORE

Is it possible to inject juvederm volume if I have permalip implants?

Hello I have been having permalip implants for 7 years and I'm thinking to add some juvedem volume filler. Could you tell me please is it safe to do... READ MORE

Could Juvederm injections cause acute sinusitis?

Approximately 2 months ago I had juvederm injected in the laugh line area. Just this week I contracted sinusitis. I was examined by my dentist who did... READ MORE

Can I have my Juvederm removed while on antibiotics?

Can I get the treatment to dissolve while on antibiotics? I'm on treatment for pneumonia with Amoxicillin/Clavulanic acid for 6 weeks. Would prefer to... READ MORE

Swollen all over facial area. Do you think the Juvederm could be responsible? (Photo)

I had juvederm 3 week ago in lines, all was fine no bruises swelling settled down, was very pleased with result, and then within 3 days i started with... READ MORE

What is going on with this? How do you treat it? My surgeon has me on antibiotics and an antibiotic cream.

2 days ago I had a touch up on my lips from a couple weeks earlier. There was left over juvederm so the surgeon used the left overs in my smile lines.... READ MORE

Follow up to previous question. Doctor wouldn't dissolve the Juvederm (Photo)

My Dr. said there was no vascular compromise and he also had an ultrasound done to my lips. He said I developed an infection, MRSA, and prescribed me... READ MORE

I need help on this Juvederm injection site. Is it going to scar? (Photo)

I got juviderm in my smile lines on Friday small bruise on Saturday by Sunday night little white pus pockets that almost look like tiny white heads... READ MORE

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