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Will filler injected into the philtrum roll top lip up? Already have 1 mL Juvederm injected. (photos)

I had 1 mL juvederm ultra injected into my lips 4 months ago. I like having fuller lips, but I don't like how the filler made my top lip go straight... READ MORE

Dark Lines on Lips Post Juvaderm- is This Tyndall Effect?

I had Juvaderm injected into upper lip about 4 months ago and like the results EXCEPT I now have dark lines around parts of my upper lip that look... READ MORE

I have lumpy uneven lips four months after Juvederm ultra injections. Should I be worried for permanent disfigured lips? (photo)

I had one full syringe of juvederm ultra injected in my upper and bottom lip almost four months ago. i had minor bruising was my lips were very uneven... READ MORE

Could my lips have permanent damage from juvederm ultra? (Photo)

I had one syringe injected in my lips by a spa technician almost four months ago. I did some massaging the first 2 days as my lips were very lumpy. My... READ MORE

Can Your Body Reject the Filler After 4 to 6 Months? (photo)

My cheek bone have bumps on them and are very itchy almost like bug bite and feels brused and now one if my eyes is swelling the last time I had... READ MORE

Sudden lips and cheeks swelling more than 4 months after Juvederm!

In june I tok juvederm volift on my lips and cheeks, in begynning it was abit of sweling,after a while it was ok but the doctor was abit surprised... READ MORE

Problem with Juverderm and Hyaluronidas

I had juverderm injected 4 month before on february on my nasolabial and on my only wrinkle on my lips,it was really bad,the dermatologist injected... READ MORE

Can lumps harden and spread from juvederm after 4 months? (Photo)

I had a small amount of juvederm put between my brows. Rest was placed round laugh lines.at first I did feel a lump in the area above my left brow but... READ MORE

Juvederm injected under my eyes 4 months ago experienced swelling. Got injection to dissolve it and never went away? (photo)

I got Juvederm injected under my eyes 4 months ago. I experiences extreme swelling and never went down. It's my second time getting injections to... READ MORE

Need Support for Wrongly Done Juvederm? (photo)

I already had Juvederm four months ago, which was done shoddily and I never like it. Now when I went for correction today which turned out to be this.... READ MORE

Can Juvederm migrate from brow to eyelid?

I had juvederm ultra plus injected directly below my eye brows for a flattening brow. It is four months later and I notice the product wearing off as... READ MORE

Is this a scar tissue, Juvederm, or hyaluronidase problem? Or could it be swelling that hasn't gone away? (photos)

About 4 months ago I got injections of juvederm in my nose near the alar. It was very little. Less than half a syringe. I went to remove it with... READ MORE

Will the Excess Skin on my Lower Eyelids Ever Tighten Again?

Its been 4 months of hell and agony since 4 syringes of juvederm were put into my lower eyelids back in June.I was told it would only be a little bit... READ MORE

Are my face and lips ruined forever? Hyaluronidase not working. (Photos)

Got Juvederm in lips in Oct. It was my first time with this Dr. When I left the office & looked in the mirror the right side of my lip didn't look... READ MORE

Is it too soon for me to have Juvederm put in my lips again? (Photo)

I had my lips done in June. The doctor used less than 1 syringe in both my top and bottom lip. They've been uneven since the procedure, and I'd like... READ MORE

4 months post op Juvederm fillers in April. I gradually developed large unsightly lumps in my lips. What should I do? (photo)

I noticed immediately the the left side of my mouth was more swollen but doctor said it was just swelling. Gradually they turned into large lumps.... READ MORE

How do I safely proceed with revision rhinoplasty after Juvederm?

I had juvederm in the nose (tip and bridge) 4 months ago because I could not handle the waiting process until my revision. The 12 months have passsed... READ MORE

Lips/smile uneven. What is my next option? (Photo)

So I had juvederm in June and had some of the product injected into the right side underneath my lips. I then had juvederm again a week ago, the... READ MORE

Any solutions for my festoons? I had a horrible reaction to the product. (photo)

Injected festoons with juvaderm. There was still swelling a month after the procedure l and I knew something was wrong. The juvaderm had sunk... READ MORE

Scar tissue or Juvederm?

About 4 months ago I got injections of juvederm in my nose near the alar. It was very little. Less than half a syringe. I went to remove it with... READ MORE

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