10 Days Post-op + Juvederm

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I Still Have Lumps in my Upper Left Side Lip from Juvederm?

I got juvederm ultra in my upper lip to increase volume, within the first 4 days the right side got normal but the left side still has very firm hard... READ MORE

How Juvaderm Dissolve Quicker Naturally and How Long It Takes?

I am 34 and I have juvaderm injected in my checks half a syringe each 10 days ago but I don't like the look as the dr injected me in one side lower... READ MORE

Causes of Extreme Swelling Post-Juvederm? I've had It Several Times With No Problem.

I've been using the same injector for years with wonderful results. About a week ago, I went in for my usual touchup, which had given me... READ MORE

Help - Juvederm Under Eyes? (photo)

I had juvederm placed under my eyes on Dec. 20th. One eye looks fantastic! The other is very swollen. I don't necessarily feel any lumps though, so I... READ MORE

Juvederm Overfill?

Hello, I had excess Juvedeem dissolved around my mouth (corners and under lips) 11 days ago. It is still swollen and creating contour irregularities.... READ MORE

Why Do I Have a Thin Dark Line Down my Laugh Line Which Was Filled with Juvederm Ten Days Later? (photo)

My p.s. also told me today that this "slight bruising" could last another few weeks! said she had to work hard because line was deep.. but also that... READ MORE

Is It Tyndall Effect or Natural Pigmentation of my Skin? (photo)

I had juvederm injected under my eyes 10 days ago. only a very slight oedem which resolved the day after. But I see that my skin is bluish, so I'm... READ MORE

Possibility of vascular occlusion from Juvederm?

Ten days ago, I had a few syringes of Juvederm injected into my cheeks and temples by an experienced plastic surgeon. I'm doing well, but am worried... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take Juvederm to Begin to Disappear if You Have Been Overfilled?

I had injections of Juvederm 10 days ago, in marionette lines. One side is perfect, but the other side has a little puffiness, and feels "hard" beside... READ MORE

I Had Juvederm Injected About 10 Days Ago. How Long Before the Bump Go Down?

I Had Juvederm Injected About 10 days Ago. How Long Before the Bump Go Down READ MORE

Lip augmentation-day 10, I wake up every morning with swollen lips every morning. Is the healing process not yet complete?

This was my first time getting my lips done. I went to a professional doctor and told him I wanted some volume in the middle of my upper lip. He told... READ MORE

Juvederm injection to lips 10 days ago, still have lumps, is this normal? (photo)

I had both my lips done 10 days ago, on my top lip from the corner to the middle is full of lumps, and my bottom left lip iv 3 lumps is this normal!,... READ MORE

How to dissolve Juvederm on lower face?

10 days ago so my dr used 2 syringes of juvederm to even out asymmetry left by fat grafting 4 months ago. result. he used too much. he used it almost... READ MORE

Bumped in Cheek After Juvederm?

I got bumped in the cheek 11 days following a juvederm injection in my cheeks. It was with the hard beak of a baseball cap. It hurt for a while. Could... READ MORE

Wondering if Juvederm was performed poorly. Is touch up required? (Photo)

I was given able .5 ccs of juvederm about 10 days ago. I find the final results unflattering. I feel the bottom lip is not proportional to the bottom... READ MORE

10 days post op, I'm slightly swollen and sore spot under eyebrow after juvederm voluma injection to cheeks. Is this normal?

I had juvederm voluma injected to my cheeks 10 days ago. I had very little swelling (just the injection sites) and no bruising. The area was a bit... READ MORE

Severe damage from Juvederm (Photo)

Please help what is this?;(((Please please help- since doing juvederm in nasel fold area this black mark it caused on my face is getting bigger and... READ MORE

11 days post Juvederm injection in tear trough. One side needs more and I can see the line down my cheek still. (photo)

I called my doc office and I was told to wait another week. This Friday will be 2 weeks post injection. I was advised that I am still healing and the... READ MORE

10 days after Juvederm, I have two very flat bubbles on the surface of my lower lips. Slight whiteish color. (Photo)

My dr. Saw me on day 7 and told me to wait as it is the skin looking like that after the swelling I had. I DONT THINK IT IS THAT. READ MORE

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