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What Should I Expect After a Jessner's Peel?

I am scheduled for one after 17 days of applying a skin lightening cream. I was told that approx. 3-4 days after application that I would peel and... READ MORE

What is a Jessner's Peel?

An aesthetician told me i needed a jessners peel for sun damage i have on my cheeks. From what research i've done, i can only gather that a jessner... READ MORE

Washing Face After Jessner Peel?

How long before I can wash my face after Jessner Peel? READ MORE

Blisters, Swelling, and Redness After Jessner Peel

I am 39 years old, and 1 day post Jessner peel. My goals are to reduce brown spots and sun damage. I now have blisters and weeping, tight, red, very... READ MORE

Down Time for Jessner Peel?

It was recommended to me that I do a series of 6 Jessner peels every 2 weeks over a period of 12 weeks. I am new to Cosmedix and am concerned that a... READ MORE

Skin is Darker 1 Day After Jessner Peel

Please help, my skin become darker after one day of Jessner peel. There is no redness, but large dark area, will it go away. No, I didn't use the... READ MORE

Jessner's Peel for Scars and Hyperpigmentation (Sensitive Skin)?

Hi, I am thinking of doing a Jessner's peel on my face, although still unsure if this is what I need. I am 28 y/o with not very noticeable scars... READ MORE

How Often Can I Administer a Jessner Peel at Home?

I went to a spa and had a Jessner Peel. I did not get all the peeling they said I would. They told me after the third day if I did not have much... READ MORE

Cost of a Jessner Peel?

What is the general price range for a Jessner Peel?  READ MORE

Jessner's Peel Reaction

I had jessner's peel 10 days ago.The whole skin turned dark brown and the whole layer came of in peieces. after about 5 days, the skin around my... READ MORE

Jessner and TCA Peel for Asian Skin?

Has anyone with Asian skin tried Jessner's and 20% TCA peel on the same setting? What would I expect from then on and how long is the downtime? I am... READ MORE

Skin Looks Burned After Jessner Peel

Im a light skinned African American the whole peel process took about 15 minutes. I stopped peeling 3 day ago, my skin look very shiny and in some... READ MORE

Jessner or TCA Peel for Red, Shallow Acne Scars?

What peel is better for red shallow acne scars Jessner peel or TCA peel? The scars left behind are "fresh" and still reddish. To reduce the... READ MORE

Day 6 After Jessner Peel and my Face is Red/itchy/bumpy/raised Redness.

The redness started on day 3 and progressed to raised red bumps on forehead and cheeks and chin. No open wounds or weeping. Skin has a bumpy texture... READ MORE

Do You Recommend Jessner's Peel on Darker Skin to Remove Fine Wrinkles? Should I Be Worried for Hyperpigmentation?

I am 60 years old ( dark olive skin) with fine wrinkles around my eyes and some age spots on my face. Please recommend me safest effective treatment. READ MORE

Is my Skin Damaged After Jessener Peel? (photo)

Hi, my name is vanessa and i just done a Jessner peel myself, actually this is my second that i had did it myself, but this time i did like 4 layers,... READ MORE

6th Day After Salon Jessner Peel? (photo)

MUST finish peeling in next 2 days (trip). HELP!!! I'm putting hot compresses on throughout the day and no moisturizer. What else can I do to get my... READ MORE

What's the Difference Between a Jessner Peel and a Vi Peel?

What's the Difference Between a Jessner Peel and a Vi Peel? READ MORE

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