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IPL or Chemical Peel for Sun Damage & Redness/thread Veins?

Hi, I've been for a skin analysis & have discovered that I have quite a lot of sun damage, particularly under my eyes and over my top lip. I also... READ MORE

IPL Laser Tissue Damage

I had a doctor do IPL on some facial veins a few months ago, which left me with a blotchy and scratchy skin texture. I have some inflamed whiteheads... READ MORE

Sun Exposure After IPL Vascular Removal

Is it safe to go to Mexico for two weeks one month after the IPL facial vascular removal? thank you READ MORE

Is IPL okay to use for my skin? Is it too risky? (photos)

I'm considering IPL but am not sure if it is the right treatment for me.... I am after an opinion from a professional who isn't trying to sell me on a... READ MORE

IPL treatment for facial veins on cheeks and nose. I have bruising or broken blood vessels on my cheeks. Is this normal?

I had IPL treatment yesterday for facial veins on my cheeks and nose it was my second treatment no problem treating the veins on my nose. On my cheeks... READ MORE

Can I use an IPL hair removal device (phillips lumea) on my legs if my veins are too visible? (photos)

My veins can be easily seen through my skin, as it is quite white and fine. They are not spider veins or swollen veins. I wanted to make sure that... READ MORE

Worried IPL Treatment Has Scarred?

I got IPL treatment for thread veins on legs done about 1 week ago and felt it was hot at the time. I am due to back in 5 days for next treatment but... READ MORE

IPL Swelling After 3 Weeks?

3 weeks ago I experienced my 3rd IPL; face and neck. Concentrated area both lower cheeks to repair broken veins. Was swollen that evening. Next... READ MORE

When will this broken capillary (thread vein) fade? 11 days post IPL (29 sept)

Small broken capillary under the eye/cheekbone area. My settings were at 26 joules and this was my second IPL. READ MORE

I am 64 yrs old and have age spots on my hands. I have thin skin and blue veins popping out. How will IPL affect my veins?

Hi.. my hands have several age spots now that make me look older then I feel! I am concerned about the very thin skin and I have blue veins that... READ MORE

Is it true that you must not use steroids for 3 months prior to IPL treatment?

Hi, I have been using topical steroids for eczema since I was a child. I have recently noticed broken capillaries on my face and having seen a... READ MORE

What should happen when shooting my red little veins?

When treating telangiectasia on the face with a 530nm IPL; should the little veins disapear immediately during treatment, get darker, lighter...?... READ MORE

Is It Safe for a 15 Year Old to Get IPL on veins on under eyes and face? (photo)

I have hereditary dark circles, that are made worse because I have allergies and eczema/dry skin. I'm very tired of having to wear heavy concealer... READ MORE

Can IPL weaken the veins? I have red bruising on the treated areas a week or two after treatment that I never got there before.

I have eczema and received successful treatment for broken veins on my face and chest twice by a nurse in my dermatologists clinic. My arms have... READ MORE

Will IPL laser get rid of my under eye vein? (Photo)

What treatment is best to treat purple facial veins under eyes? READ MORE

Was my procedure to correct redness and red veins done correctly?

Ive had one treatment of IPL collagen boost for redness and red veins and have noticed no difference at all, my face wasnt even slightly red after the... READ MORE

Is it normal to have new broken capillaries and still so red after laser treatment four days ago? (photo)

I believe an IPL laser was used.did not have many and they were not extensive but my nose and upper cheek area were treated. On my upper cheek area... READ MORE

IPL for Brown Spots and Spider Veins on Lower Legs?

If IPL works for brown spots and veins on the face, hands, and chest would it do the same for age spots and spider veins on the lower legs? If not,... READ MORE

2nd IPL and my veins are worse. There seems to be more, and I can't stop flushing. What can I do?

Had ipl dec&it helped a lot could still see broken veins but not as bad&the flushing seemed to calm down&redness.went back for my2nd ipl 3 wks they... READ MORE

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