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I Want to Stop Invisalign Treatment After 2 Days. Can I Recoup Any of the Expense?

I was fitted with my first set of Invisalign trays 2 days ago, I want to stop the treatment. My dentist didn't inform me that I would have... READ MORE

Not Happy With Invislign Results, Can I Get A Refund, Or Normal Braces?

I'm 15, & about a year ago my dentist told me i was the perfect canidate for invisalign, i had crowded teeth, & he showed me the before... READ MORE

Disappointed with Final Invisalign Results, Options for Continuing Treatment?

Recently "completed" 14mo/30 tray treatment. Adhered strictly to 22hr/day wear. Teeth are relatively straight but laterals are incompletely extruded... READ MORE

My Teeth Aren't How I Want Them After Finishing Invisalign?

I tried to tell my ortho that I'm not satisfied with my teeth but he keeps telling me that they are fine, it makes me sad because I spent a lot of... READ MORE

Just finished Invisalign Express treatment and am not satisfied. Will I need to begin a whole new treatment? (photo)

Just finished Invisalign Express treatment (20 aligners total) and am not satisfied. Will I need to begin a whole new treatment? After aligner #20,... READ MORE

Very Unhappy with Invisalign Results. What Do I Do Next?

I'm done with invisalign and very unhappy with the results. I got my clear retainers to wear at night and every morning it looks worse and worse.... READ MORE

Switching orthodontists for Vivera retainers and follow-up on invisilign treatments?

I am not very happy with my current orthodontist, because he spends only five seconds for each of my Invisilign visits. I am now officially finished... READ MORE

I'm not really happy with the Invisalign results, what should I do?

I had invisalign for about 2 years and I just finished in July, but I'm not really happy with the result, what should I do? READ MORE

2nd Opinion About Ongoing Invisalign Treatment?

I am not happy with how everything is turning out w/invisalign.My teeth have been pushed back so much that my cheeks/lips are caving in. I've told... READ MORE

Should I get Steel, Clear or Invisalign? (Photos)

Hey all, I have had invisalign for 3 years. However the results are not as I had hoped. As you can tell from the photos the 3 teeth from your left are... READ MORE

I had Invisalign for a year & wasn't happy so then my doctor had me do Invisalign express because my teeth settled. (photo)

I had Invisalign for a year and wasn't completely happy so then my doctor had me do Invisalign express because my teeth "settled" and shifted ever so... READ MORE

I am displeased with the invisalign results. Has anyone seen invisalign pay for me to switch to an orthodontist?

I can't believe dentists are allowed to administer Invisalign when they are not trained in how to move teeth properly. This upsets me as I have given... READ MORE

Unhappy with my Invisalign

I had my invisalign treatment nearly 4 years ago as teeth were overlapping and had overject with my front teeth. During my treatment my dentist said i... READ MORE

How would you fix my teeth? (photos)

Very frustrated with my orthodontist. I had Invisalign for 2.5 years and I am still unhappy with my teeth. I got Invisalign because of crowding in my... READ MORE

Is it possible for me to switch Invisalign providers without telling my orthodontist? (Photo)

My dentist had been giving me the run around for 1 year now. He didn't even show me the clincheck. I'm really fed up with him and no longer wants his... READ MORE

I am very unhappy with my Invisalign treatment. Can I get a refund and get braces?

I went through the Invisalign process with a dentist- not an orthodontist. I have been left in the dark so to speak for the entire process, and my... READ MORE

I have had four refinements with Invisalign, and very unhappy with result. Is there anyway I can get a refund or something?

I have had invisalign for about four years and have had four sets of refinements since my initial invisalign set. My dentist said I was a perfect... READ MORE

I am not happy with the end result of my Invisalign treatment. Original Ortho tooks months off & have not seen her since!

At the end my right upper incisor is slightly in front of my left one. I voiced my concern to my ortho who was filling in for my original ortho who... READ MORE

I had invisalign full for about a year. My tooth the shorter one was quite far back. Do I need veneers lumineers4 wide?

Im still not happy with one of my teeth but they look slightly crooked I just cant oit ny finger on it. I know my wkile is wonky full stop and gets ne... READ MORE

I'm not satisfied with the treatment result after braces. Can I continue treatment with invisalign?

I just got my braces off and am not happy with the result, when I bite down, I felt like the position of my upper incisors and lower incisors aren't... READ MORE

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