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Am I Able to Drink Anything and Eat Soft Foods While Wearing Invisalign?

I was curious if I was allowed to drink anything while wearing Invisalign or if it would damage my Invisalign. Drinks (with the exception of coffee... READ MORE

Invisalign: How to Eat when Can't Brush Right Away?

Can a person use invisalign if they cannot always brush right after eating? Running water is not always available during the day at worksites -- could... READ MORE

How Far Back Will It Set my Treatment to Have the Aligners in for Less Hours for a Week?

I am going on an all inclusive vacation. There will be more eating/drinking than the average day. How far back will it set my treatment to have the... READ MORE

How Can I Take off my Invisalign Without Alot of Pain and Sometime Bleeding?

I've just started using invisalign but whenever I take it off to eat I'm in alot of pain and I sometimes bleed. I have 2 attachment on my top teeth... READ MORE

Can I Switch from Invisalign to Metal Braces?

I am on tray 5 or 23 for my invisalign. I just noticed how inconvinient they are for me. I am a runner and I need to be eating a lot more times a day... READ MORE

Chewing with Invisalign

Can you eat food with Invisalign in? READ MORE

Is Alcohol-free, Sugar-free Breath Spray Okay to Use with Invisalign?

Is alcohol-free, sugar-free breath spray okay to use with invisalign? I ask this question because even with brushing and flossing after each meal I... READ MORE

Wait 30 Minutes Before Reinserting Invisalign?

I have Invisalign (express and top only) and read somewhere that you should wait 30 minutes after eating to brush and reinsert the liners. Is that... READ MORE

Have You Ever Instructed an Invisalign Patient to Eat with Their Trays In?

If you look at my posts I have been concerned about my posterior bite-only 1 side touches. I expressed my concern but was assured there would always... READ MORE

Eating Habits While on Invisalign?

I am 13 years old and super ashamed of my teeth. I have a gap in my 2 front teeth and crooked teeth in areas. I really want Invisalign but I'm scared... READ MORE

What can I eat and drink with invisalign?

I just got invisalign and I was wondering if I could eat ice cream and possibly yogurt with them on. And I have also seen many answers said to not... READ MORE

Can I Eat With My Aligner Still In My Mouth?

I have to have one of my front tooths removed for some reason, and they will be replacing it with invisilign and a fake front tooth. My question is... READ MORE

Increased teeth sensitivity since Invaslign started, is this normal?

Ever since I started invisalign about 6 weeks ago, when I take them out to eat, it hurts so much to bite food. My teeth are extremely sensitive. It's... READ MORE

Told only a few attachments on the sides.They're on nearly all my teeth.Getting sores.Sharp. Difficult to eat. Options? (photos)

Is there anything at all that can be done at this point? This looks awful. My teeth aren't that crooked. I was told there would be a few attachments... READ MORE

Can't Bit Down Properly Without Invisalign Aligners

Is it normal to not be able to bite down properly when the aligners are removed? I am on my second day of treatment and I notice the attachments to my... READ MORE

What's the best option for eating and drinking during endurance events greater than 2 hours?

I do events such as running races, bike rides, triathlons that last 2 to 5 hours often without stopping. I drink a carbohydrate drink and eat gels or... READ MORE

How long should I wait after eating to brush my teeth and put back in my invisalign trays?

I read that brushing right after eating or drinking something other than water can be bad for teeth. How long should I wait? How can I keep my... READ MORE

Going on vacation with Invisalign. Need advise & tips!

I will be starting Invisalign in a couple of weeks. I have a all inclusive vacation to Mexico in September that I'm very excited for, however worried... READ MORE

Can you still maintain a healthy diet with using Invisalign?

I just started Invisalign 3 days ago and am worried I am going to starve to death! Is it possible to eat 3-4 meals and two snacks and brush and floss... READ MORE

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