Am I Able to Drink Anything and Eat Soft Foods While Wearing Invisalign?

I was curious if I was allowed to drink anything while wearing Invisalign or if it would damage my Invisalign. Drinks (with the exception of coffee and tea; I also do not drink soda) such as (fruit/veggie) juice, slushes with low sugar, soup, handmade thick smoothies, and alcohol. And how often am I exactly allowed to eat ice cream? Also, if I was able to eat soft foods, such as vegetables that are cooked to the point where it is akin to baby food, or food such as mashed potatoes. Thank you!

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Eating and drinking with Invisalign trays

Definitely no chewing, no matter how soft, with Invisalign aligners: the risk of breakage, cracking, or distortion is too high.  Drinking is not a problem except for repeated real hot drinks being a risk to distortion.  Colored drinks can cause color changes temporarily under the aligners so be careful.  It is always best to keep everything to meal times when the aligners are out or allow a mid afternoon snack time without aligners in.  And be sure and brush and floss. 

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Eating and drinking with invisalign braces may be acceptable.

As mentioned the risk of eating and drinking with the invisalign aligners is staining and cavities forming around teeth. To avoid these obvious problems simply avoid coloured drinks and if you must eat with the aligners make sure to clean both teeth and aligners after the meal.

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Dont eat anything with your invisalign trays

You must remove your invisalign trays to eat any foods. The chewing pressure can crack the trays.

I suggest drinking only water with the trays in or the trays will stain and make your teeth look dark. Residue can also accumulate from other drinks and cause cavities.

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Eating or drinking with Invisalign trays

Clearly there are conflicting opinions on whether it is acceptable to eat with your Invisalign trays or not. Bottomline: Align (the company that manufactures the trays) says no eating or drinking with your trays, except water. This is because of the potential for cavities and or staining of teeth and trays.

Some doc's say no and state because "it may cause cracks in the trays." The trays are made of plastic and can crack. Unless you are eating rocks, clenching and grinding your teeth at night could theoretically cause more cracks in trays than eating with them. Align has stated that clinchers and grinders get better results in the end bc at night they are hammering their trays up more fully. That line of thinking promotes eating with the trays.

Personally I feel THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR IS GETTING YOUR HOURS IN!!!!! Life happens and adjustments have to be made to help insure your treatment success. I have had professional event planners need to eat with them to get their hours. They are always at events and required to taste foods through the course of the evening.

The thing that MUST be done, if eating with the trays in, is rinse and brush the trays and the teeth as soon as possible, if not immediately. It is in your best interest to get dental obsessive about tray and teeth cleanliness to insure no decay occurs. That said, sleeping with a little bit of toothpaste in your tray wouldn't be a bad idea too. Think of it as a pseudo fluoride treatment.

Drink lots of water can help or chewing a piece of sugar free gum for a few minutes can help pull food and plaque from your teeth and trays too. Yeah people do it!!

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Should a Patient Eat and Drink With Invisalign Trays?

Simply said , It Depends.  The Invisalign trays are fragile and can stain.  I tell patients to drink  most anything they want, but they should rinse their mouth thoroughly with water afterwords. As far as eating goes, one soon finds this makes a terrible mess.  Even a small snack will require you to remove the aligner and clean it, and rinse your mouth several times.  Any food harder than mashed potatoes can fracture the aligner and thus increase the treatment time.  Remember, you are investing your time and treasure for a beautiful smile.  You will love the results and you might loose a pound or two in the process.

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Able to Drink Anything and Eat Soft Foods While Wearing Invisalign?

We always recommend to our patients that have Invisalign to always take the trays or aligners out for eating; it will avoid cracks on your aligners. Drinking is not an issue unless you are very particular with stains and discoloration. What we mean by that is, some drinks can discolored your trays and is very unpleasant. Always remember to brush after every meal, it helps to keep you gums healthy and teeth cleaner!

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Invisalign should be removed when eating or drinking

The biggest issue is the trays trapping acidic fluids and giving the teeth an acid bath for hours and hours.  Normally teeth will get exposed to the acids during the meal, but then the saliva can flush and buffer the acids and neutralize everything to prevent decay (which is why they say chew sugarless gum, it's for the stimulation of the salivary fluids).

You are likely to cause cavities or even crack the trays.

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Am I Able to Drink Anything and Eat Soft Foods While Wearing Invisalign?

Ideally the aligners should be removed while eating and drinking of liquids other than water. The risk of eating and drinking with the aligners in is staining of the aligners and cavities forming around teeth. If you have to eat with the aligners just make sure to clean both teeth and aligners after the meal.

Am I Able to Drink Anything and Eat Soft Foods While Wearing Invisalign?

So the question is are you able to eat soft foods or drink anything when you’re wearing your aligners. There is always a risk of fracture if you’re trying to chew or eat something with these aligners in…therefore the recommendation is to remove them when you’re eating that’s the break that you get. So the recommendation of how long you should be wearing them daily is between 20-22 hours a day. Those times that are allotted out that’s for eating. As far as drinking things definitely if your drinking water its not a problem but stay away from sugary things or things that might stain.

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