Do I have to brush my teeth with Invisalign after eating when I'm in school?

I brush after everything I eat but I don't want to do that in School as it can be time consuming and very awkward since everyone would probably be staring at me. Is there an alternative? Can I instead just floss and then rinse my teeth and aligners? Thanks in advance!

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Your solution is great!

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It's great that you're so concerned about you're hygiene during your Invisalign therapy. Flossing and rinsing would be an excellent alternative and would be completely acceptable. Way to go!!!
Douglas Jopling, DDSDallas, Texas area

Rinsing should suffice

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Generally speaking, rinsing before putting back your Invisalign is sufficient and is a more practical approach as the goal is to remove food debris. It's great that you take initiative in your oral hygiene but flossing after each meal is not necessary unless you clearly notice food trapped in between your teeth. If you have time to floss, then it's best to use that time to brush instead and save the flossing for night time. Be mindful that excessive and aggressive flossing with poor technique may sometimes lead to trauma to gum tissue and localized periodontal problems. Stay motivated. Good job!

Chia-Hung Lin, DDS
New York Orthodontist

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