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I have a very uneven hairline, what can I do to fix it? (Photo)

I am a male 18 with a very uneven hairline. I'd there anything I caneed do to fix it? READ MORE

My transplanted hairline looks uneven, will it turn out ok? (photos)

I had a hair transplant 2 weeks ago, it went very well and I have done a lot to care for the transplanted grafts. One thing that has been somewhat... READ MORE

Uneven growth, 10 months post-op. Is it normal?

I'm 10 months in a transplant. One of my sides has more hair than the other. I had my surgery done by a reputable doctor with 10 years experience. Am... READ MORE

Hair Transplant - Uneven Growth?

I had facial and neck hair transplant just over 3 weeks ago. As for my facial stubble - I am already so pleased with the results and I'm positive it... READ MORE

Which procedure is best for me to correct a widow's peak and uneven hairline? (photos)

I would like to fill in hair around my widow's peak and extend down around the side of my forehead to create a more rounded hairline (ie bottom of... READ MORE

Did I damage my left hairline? Do my hairline look uneven? Does my HT transplant look good? (photos)

I accidentally scratched my grafts on my right (which is on your left when you see the picture) when I was sleeping on 7th day post HT. I suddenly... READ MORE

25 year old black female. AGA and low ferritin levels caused me to go bald in the front. Should I do a hair transplant? (Photo)

I had a ferritin level of 8 and a hemoglobin level of 9 for 4 years. I underwent 2 iron infusions over the past 8 months and now my level is at a 61... READ MORE

Uneven skin/redness/itchy donor area. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi, I have had 2 hair transplants via strip method. (2500 grafts) My skin is uneven at the donor area, looks like a bump. It does not appear all along... READ MORE

Is it normal uneven or no growth of hair after implant surgery in first week? (photos)

Dear physician In one week ago i had hair transplant surgery(FIT & FUT) but now i found uneven growth of hair on bald area in fact in FIT section have... READ MORE

Female w/ an uneven hair transplant yield at 5 months post op - should I expect more to come? (Photo)

Hi. I know hair continues to grow up to 12-18 months post op but when I look closely at the areas with sparse growth, there isn't even anything coming... READ MORE

Need solution to hairline/forehead issue. (photos)

I wanted to see if there is any way to address my uneven hairline which is caused by a weird cowlick / and balding spot on one side. The left part of... READ MORE

Can the implanted hairline be corrected? (photo)

This probably an unusual question but i have a problem with my implanted hair line. Can i do a second surgery to correct the hair line so i can... READ MORE

What will hair transplant look like on day 10? Female with uneven hairline.

I am a female booked at the end of May for a hair transplant to round out my uneven hairline. I have a deep widows peak and high "corners" that have... READ MORE

I was thinking of either getting a hairline lowering or hair transplant which would be better for my case? (Photos)

Im currently a teenager and i was wondering what i can do to help it? Ive had it since i was a kid but now i has started growing unevengly READ MORE

Looking to fix uneven hair line with minimal/inexpensive surgery. Is this possible? (Photos)

My hair line is certainly not even and it makes my forehead bigger than it actually is. I'm looking to correct it and was looking for some answers. I... READ MORE

Hair Transplant to fix uneven widows peak since birth. How realistic is it to fix this in my late 20s? (photo)

Ever since I was a kid I've always had a widows peak which is something I grew to like, unfortunately one side of my peak has always been higher than... READ MORE

I had seen redness at my recipient area after 2 months hair transplant. Is it normal? (Photos)

There is some unevenness at the recipient surface like having small pimples,not big ones,redness,no pain although, READ MORE

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