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Beard growth supplements, is it helpful? Any side effect?

I'm 40 Y.O male , my issue that i have small beard growth besides a good moustache. this depresses me strongly. I saw many supplements in the market... READ MORE

Diet and Vitamin Supplements to promote hair growth after an FUE?

Dear Doctor, Is there any kind of food to avoid or to focus on, so as to help in stimulating hair growth?It is my 15 day post FUE op. PLus, Is there... READ MORE

Protein Supplements after a Hair Transplant? (photo)

I had a H.T. 2 months ago in the upper forehead area and a month ago I started going to the gym. After my H.T. I started using finasteride 1 mg daily... READ MORE

Does taking hair supplement capsules reverse effects? Is it safe to take?

Though my surgeon haven't suggested these two capsules Adgain ang Autrin, my friend who's a dermatologist is insisting me to take those two capsules..... READ MORE

How long after hair transplant, can I start taking zinc and multivitamin supplements? (photos)

My surgeon told me to start taking zinc and multivitamin after six months of your transplant. However on the other hand my friend was told to start... READ MORE

Any hair supplements for male pattern baldness?

I recently had a H.T. in the frontal area and I have some questions: What are the best supplements for MPB? I started using 1 mg finasteride daily... READ MORE

Zinc supplements after hair transplant?

Few weeks ago I had hair transplant and I heard that zinc is good for hair and now I am taking zinc supplements does it helps or is is it harmful for... READ MORE

Hair transplant. Are there any vitamins or supplements I should be taking?

Hi doc it's been over 3 weeks now since my op. I know it's a normal for hairs breaking off, but now can I stop creaming?, also nizroal 2 percent... READ MORE

Can I take Viagra and preworkouts after HT?

I want to ask when i can take such things after Hair transplantation . Specially Viagra and preworkout shakes. Thank you READ MORE

What are my options for a hair transplant within next year or two? (photos)

I'm 21 and I've had hair loss for about three years now. It's not severe, but I've tried minoxidil, natural DHT blocking supplements and everything... READ MORE

30 yrs old , not full beard. Not an genetic issue. Any suggestions?

Hi, I am 30yrs old and does not have beard, have moustache , little at cheeks and chin. My father and brother has full beard so it is not genetic it... READ MORE

Should I consider hair transplant or continue medical treatment at 22? (Photos)

It's been 2 months since I restarted my treatment after a break of about six months (5% minoxidil once a day and Dutasteride 0.5mg twice a week along... READ MORE

Is it okay to continue with the supplements like whey protein after surgery?

I am very much into sports and bodybuilding And just want to confirm whether is it oky to continue wid the supplimentaions READ MORE

Hyperbolic food supplement after hair transplant?

I have done hair transplant 4 weeks ago and now I want to get back to gym and use Carbs and hyperbolic mass food supplement but as I am very careful... READ MORE

Biotin and folic acid supplements after 1 year of hair transplant?

Hello doc,it's been 1 year that I did my hair transplant surgery.Can I take Biotin and folic acid supplements for the betterment of my overall hairs? READ MORE

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