Pimples + Hair Transplant

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24 days after fue, and have pimples on my head. Is it normal? I'm also shedding hair. Isn't it too early? (Photo)

I had fue hairtransplant 23 days ago and recently I started having pimples, is it normal or is there anything I should use on it. I try not to touch,... READ MORE

Will Transplanted Hair Graft Allow Hair to Go After Lowering the Hairline to Where Pimples/Cysts Used to Be on Frontal Scalp?

I had a hair line lowering procedure 2 months and 2 weeks ago, and I'm a little worried that hair might not produce where the hairline was lowered... READ MORE

Should I pop the pimples on my scalp?

I have undergone surgery two and half months ago. pimples are developing on my scalp.i consulted the clinic in this regards and they told me to pop... READ MORE

Is redness, pimples and holes normal 4 weeks post FUT? (photo)

I recently had a FUT procedure, I am 4 weeks postoperative. For for about 2 weeks, I have been having pimples; with pus, redness and I noticed small... READ MORE

Post 3 days started developing pimples. Any suggestions? (photos)

3 days after my transplant I have started developing Pimples on my head it's pain and develop lots of itching. I have heard pimples do come but after... READ MORE

How to treat a pimple in front hairline area after hair transplant.

I had a hair transplant 6 months ago. I have a small bump/pimple on my front hairline that is tender to touch but if I squeeze it nothing comes out.... READ MORE

6 months post op Hair Transplant. I have a pimple on my head 1cm big! Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi I had a hair transplant in january.it has been 6 moths. i have a double pimple. Before the pimple occurrd i saw thick hair about 3mm growing out.... READ MORE

Boils and pimples at the hair transplanted area. Is it normal or anything serious?

Hi, its my 5th week post op. i could see some pimples and boils at the temples? am using tugain foam. is it normal or anything serious.. will pimples... READ MORE

I have pimples & itching 2 months after hair transplant. What should I do?

I transplanted 2 months ago .still lot of itching and itching on front area .i also felt hair growth is slow as compared to other area . its annoying... READ MORE

Pimple like bumps on the grafted hairs after beard transplant. What are they? (photos)

Hello, I have a beard transplant surgery 11 days ago. The procedure i went under was FUT. The hairs were taken from back of my head and were implanted... READ MORE

I did my beard transplant about a month and a half ago and still have redness. There is now swelling or pain or pimples

Just simple redness ..It is fading but very very very slowly .. WHat are my options ? Thank you for YOur answers .. READ MORE

At about ten days after transplant, I developed pimples and sores, likely to be folliculitis, perhaps bacterial.

My doc put me on doxycycline. I'm still getting pimples at 3 weeks. My Dr. advises use of a washcloth to remove scabs, and a sterile needle to pop the... READ MORE

2 months post op after Hair transplant, is this normal?

I specifically has what appears to be pimples or ingrown hairs, inches a lot. Is this normal? READ MORE

Pimple on scalp from hair transplant in 2014?

Hi there and thanks for the help in advance! I had on March 7 2014 which resulted in pimping on both the recipient and donor area which is normal.... READ MORE

There is no result after increasing hair density in middle. I got pimples on my forehead

I hv gone through transplantation of 3000 grafts in middle top nd hair line 1 month back the density is too less in the middle even now and even front... READ MORE

How should I treat pimples all over donor area after hair transplant?

I had hair transplant in Turkey 5 weeks ago, 4800 grafts. I have been experiencing shock loss and pimples on my donor area. I am more worried about... READ MORE

Folliculitis after a HT. How to have it properly diagnosed, and when to do something about it? (photos)

2.5 months post-op from my first HT. Getting a lot of pimples in the recipient area. I've been to a walk-in doctor as well as my family doctor. Both... READ MORE

Beard & moustache problems?

I m 29 yr.I Dnt hv enough beard & no moustache..so many pimples raush in my face..is it any medicines to grow up my beard & moustache...&slove my... READ MORE

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