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FUE, or follicular unit extraction, is a minimally invasive method used to harvest and transplant hair. The treatment removes individual follicular units directly from the patient's donor site, which are then replanted into the scalp.

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45 Years Old, 3400 Grafts, Dr Maral, Turkey

Anyone who has had a FUE treatment in the last three months and is wondering if it has worked or not...............JUST BE PATIENT!!! It works, but you must be patient. I took thousands of photos and compared them day after day. Looking back, i wish i had just left it and carried on with normal... READ MORE

30 Year Old FUE Hair Transplant, Maral Klinik - Istanbul, TR

I'm a 30 y/o male from UK and after years of concerning myself over my hair loss I've reached the decision to finally rectify this by way of a hair transplant at the Maral Klinik, Istanbul. Due to my father and brother going bald I have always worried that I may be next. My brother is 4 years... READ MORE

33 Year old - 4a-5 Balding - Heading to Maral Klinik on March 10th 2017 Anyone coming?

Reading countless reviews and talking to candidates has cemented my decision to go with Maral Klinik Istanbul. I am very nervous, but have booked my flights arriving on the 10 March 2017. Anyone heading over there at this time? Any tips from anyone? I appreciate everyone who has gotten back... READ MORE

37 Year Old - Turkey, TR

After many hours of research I booked with Dr Maral in Turkey. They have said 3000-5500 graphs for $2350 USD. I'm from Canada so that works out to $3050 CDN plus I paid $850 for the flight and $70 USD (95 CDN) for the VISA. I'll be in for about 4K CDN. On average the reviews I have seen get... READ MORE

My FUE Hair Transplant with dr. Cenik in Istambul

So, finally did it yesterday. I must say that the overall experience is great. The treatment itself was not painfull, just the anestesia injections do hurt I must say, then the rest of the treatment when pretty smoth, didn´t feel a single thing. You are very exhausted at the end since you spend ... READ MORE

FUE Hair Transplant Maralklinik , Istanbul Turkey. 4900 Grafts

Hi, Late last yeari travelled from Ireland to Istanbul in Turkey for an Fue procedure at Maralklinik on 8/November / 2014 Before I chose Maralklinik for my hair transplant all my emails and concerns were responded to very clearly and quickly . So after a lot of research on forums and reading a... READ MORE

30 Years Old, FUE 3000 Graft Estimation Dr. Maral

Hey guys, after reading a lot of review on here I have decided to get a FUE transplant from doctor Maral. I am now really excited to start my journey to a 'new' head of hair :) I used finasteride for a couple of years and it really made miracles, but then I decided to stop, and after 2 years... READ MORE

32 year old with receding hair African American 1700 Grafts

Pictures are Before, Day 1 post op. So far, head is throbbing but not feeling that bad. I was given meds so I plan on taking them for some relief. I hope my hair fills in like I hope for. My main concerns were the top of my head and the side temples. Being African American its important when... READ MORE

33 Years Old, Romania, 3800 Grafts, Grade 6-7. Maral Klinic - Istanbul, TR

I believe that there is no need to write any more about my experience. It was written enough others who applaied to Maral Klinic. Everything was well, good team, ! photos wich i will post in the future will show the truth! I was told that I needed a second intervention after at least one... READ MORE

Booked for Maral!! - Istanbul, TR

3 days ago I discover RealSelf- it took me just 72 hours of reading all of your reviews and stories to decide- I got to do this now! I now have a passport on the way and an airline ticket booked to Instanbul. I've only told my 2 closest friends who are convinced that I will return home missing a... READ MORE

Maral Hair Clinic 4250 FUE nine month update: Hey, baby!

Best holiday ever, since my souvenir is a new hairline! Thanks Maral Klinik team and Dr Maral. Everything on my trip ran as advertised, as well as a holiday/tourism venture could be. The bonus was the AMAZING camaraderie of my fellow visitors/clients - it was great to hang out and learn from... READ MORE

32yrs old fue HT 3700 graft Istanbul

Here I am . In Istanbul . Waiting for my HT which is scheduled for Tomorrow . I had so far met just the driver and he was a very nice man. We chatted a bit on the way to the hotel . He told me That he will pick me up next day at 9 to the consultation then surgery will follow . Hotel is clean and... READ MORE

33 Yr Old, Norwood 2-3, FUE HT at Maral Klinik, Istanbul, TR

Recovery is in-line with the expected results at this stage. The process is pretty much the same as the one highlighted by previous Realself members who have had HT done at Maral Klinik, in short, please excuse my brevity, you will be booking your flight and send the confirmation to the clinic... READ MORE

FUE Hair Transplant for Afro Hair! - Turkey, TR

After years of research, hoping, wishing, stressing and covering up, I can say I'm about to get my hairline and edges sorted out! I saved most of the money last year and was ready to go to Istanbul Turkey but the bombings scared me, no one wanted to go with me and I gave up. The clinic I have... READ MORE

My Hair Transplant with Dr. Cinik from Cosemdica, Istanbul with 3800 Grafts, Head, Beard and Chest Donor Areas

I am a 25 years old guy from India. Initially, they shaved off my hair, took my blood samples ( FOR PRP) and then Dr. Cinik discussed with me the region to transplant. The markings ( which gets washed off after the first wash) were made on my head, and then they sent me to the transplant... READ MORE

Micro FUE 4000 Grafts 59 Yo Maral Clinic Istanbul, Turkey

So far so good. Dr Tu?rul Maral and his team are excellent and highly experienced. Am 9 days post-op so nothing much to show or tell that's not consistent with all the other reviews on here at this stage. Will post more as things progress. Red crusts were all washed out by day 7. Some redness... READ MORE

Fist Review on Este Palace Clinic - Istanbul, TR

Wanted to show and add my journey to Istanbul to Este Palace clinic which i book throw a site called Hairtransplantonistanbul which was weird have a middle guy do the contact info but the guy Richard was great and got back to me after any email I sent him about any info gave me info on clinic... READ MORE

My best experience of my hair transplant (Transes hair transplant)

Hello for Everbady, I was wondering to make Hair Transplant in Turkey I came from Ireland. Good communications with the clinic & I was well looked after from the moment I arrived until the day I left. Hilton Hotel, breakfast & Private car from to the clinic included. Aftercare... READ MORE

33yr concerned about weather graphs were done correctly

I am hoping that you all can help. I am concerned that my procedure wasn't done correctly. Can someone please tell me what they think of my graphs? Steve Latham's clinic is where it was done but I'm concerned that the job I paid for wasn't done. He told me that the results will be great but I'm... READ MORE

48 Y/o Asian, 2600 Grafts FUE at Maral Klinik - Istanbul, TR

Had my FUE done at the Maral Clinic back in November and would like give my first feed back as part of the on going review. In general the whole process was handled nicely as most of the reviewers mentioned. There is one complaint I would like to share with the public or may be the office... READ MORE

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