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FUE (follicular unit extraction) is a minimally invasive method in hair transplantation. Unlike strip harvesting, the traditional technique in which a strip of skin is removed from a donor site and cut into individual units, FUE uses an instrument to remove multiple groups of one to four hairs. The great thing about FUE is that there’s no linear scar. The downside is that a fewer number of hair grafts can be gathered per session.

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4000 Grafts 8 October Dr. Cinik - Istanbul, TR

My name is mahmod 30 years, I suffered from baldness since i was 20 years old and I was intending to go through a hair transplant surgery using the FUE technique.. what encouraged me to undergo the surgery at this time precisely is the stunning surgery result obtained by my friend that was done... READ MORE

31 years old 2,120 FUE Grafts Hairline Norwood 6. Los Gatos, CA

Im writing this review because there might be alot of guys out there in my situation, I was a diffuse norwood 6 thinner, I've had two procedures first one was with Dr. Behnam in 2014 I had 1,850 grafts to my midscalp. I decided on going to Dr. Diep for my hairline, after looking at his videos on... READ MORE

Second Time Around FUT FUE - Istanbul, TR

Sooooo Im back writing another review, surely its going to be about this amazing new figure i have, NOOO your girl has messed up again and now need a retouch some fill in and density. As you will see my my last update on my last treatment i need to change my hair habits, so i tirelessly was... READ MORE

Skype Consultation with Dr. Diep - Los Gatos, CA

Had an online consultation and really excited! Anybody else have experience with dr diep? I found put about him on here and later reviewed his youtube channel. Did a skype consultation with him and he was cool and informative! Answered all my questions. Now just waiting for the appointment date... READ MORE

3500 Graft FUT - Newport Beach, CA

I'm 32 and probably started seeing hair loss around 25. The past 2 years went really rapidly though. I pretty much wore hats all the time. I ended up shaving my head but I was just uncomfortable with the look. I had looked into hair transplants for a long time and was finally financially stable... READ MORE

27 Years Old

Ho aspettato fin troppo tempo prima di decidermi.. oggi sono fiero e orgoglioso della scelta fatta, anche perché ne è valsa veramente la pena e questa decisione mi ha definitivamente cambiato la vita in meglio!! Non pensavo fosse possibile intervenire così bene su una zona delicata come i ca... READ MORE

FUE 3,900 at Maral Klinic in Turkey

I admire those who can bald gracefully and rock a shaved head but I’m not one of them. I decided years ago one day I would get a hair transplant, and while I can’t change genetics I can still change my hairline. So now at age 43 with grade 5/6 hair loss I decided it was time to do something abo... READ MORE

Planning my Fue/fut Treatment Long over Due Mum of Twins - London, GB

So I'm new to this and I'm so happy that I gave found a forum where I can talk to individuals and see there shared experiences on this issue... I work in the fashion industry and everything is revolved around physical appearances and the lack of edges front hairline is starting to become... READ MORE

My Hair Transplant with Dr. Cinik from Cosemdica, Istanbul with 3800 Grafts, Head, Beard and Chest Donor Areas (Before Pictures)

I am a 25 years old guy from India. Initially, they shaved off my hair, took my blood samples ( FOR PRP) and then Dr. Cinik discussed with me the region to transplant. The markings ( which gets washed off after the first wash) were made on my head, and then they sent me to the transplant... READ MORE

24 Yr Old FUE Dr. Maral - Istanbul, TR

Hello all, I've been lurking these forums for quite some time now, and over the period have gained incredible amounts of information, so first and foremost - thank you all. My hair loss if that's what it is, began when I was young, my hair had been tied tightly into a knot. Thus, overtime... READ MORE

1500 FUE Hairline Lowering - Fort Mill, SC

After getting tired of using bangs and side parts to cover my hairline I realized I needed to do something about it. The procedures I looked into were the scalp advancement, and the FUT and FUE hair transplants. After doing my research I decided a FUE hair transplant would be the best choice... READ MORE

A Trip Around my Head with Dr. Alp ASLAN - Istanbul, TR

Über einen bekannten wurde ich an diese Praxis vermittelt. Nach einem spontanen Besuch in der Praxis wurde ich sofort Beraten. Es wurde ein Termin und der Preis meiner OP vereinbart. Aufgrund der guten Haardichte, konnten 5000 Implantate gewonnen werden. In 2 Sessions wurden mir jeweil 2500 ... READ MORE

4250 FUE by Dr Maral and great techs: seeing early results from June 2016

Best holiday ever, since my souvenir is a new hairline! Thanks Maral Klinik team and Dr Maral. Everything on my trip ran as advertised, as well as a holiday/tourism venture could be. The bonus was the AMAZING camaraderie of my fellow visitors/clients - it was great to hang out and learn from... READ MORE

Second FUE Transplant to Fix Receding Hairline Maral Clinic Istanbul, TR

Last year (2015) in May I had an FUE treatment done to fix my receding hairline. It was done at Get FUE clinic in Antalya. I had done a little research about the clinic but nothing substantial, you can see my post op photos and results on this website but basically it was not nearly dense enough... READ MORE

37 Year Old - Turkey, TR

After many hours of research I booked with Dr Maral in Turkey. They have said 3000-5500 graphs for $2350 USD. I'm from Canada so that works out to $3050 CDN plus I paid $850 for the flight and $70 USD (95 CDN) for the VISA. I'll be in for about 4K CDN. On average the reviews I have seen get... READ MORE

My Experiance with Dr Alp Aslan

I m very happy to do the surgery with Dr Alp Aslan ,the surgery To my delight, .I have to admit that I was very sceptical at what the end results was going be look like and if it would even work at all. Today I had a follow up appointment at the clinic. Wow, I was shocked. Seeing the before and... READ MORE

Done at Last! 3800 Grafts

Here we go then, a trip into the unknown, here's my little story about having my hair ripped out the back of my head and then stuck back on the top, weird when you think of it like that but that's basically the procedure. (Very clever though!) I'll start with the basics, I'm 45 years old now... READ MORE

32yr Old, Norwood 6? Maral Clinic Here I Come - Istanbul, TR

Hi, I've been researching for a few years now, had no plans to go on any drugs to halt hair loss so here I am off to maral clinic next week. I can't hold my nerves at the moment and I dont know if its the right decision but I'm going anyway as otherwise I will always have regrets that I didn't... READ MORE

45 Years Old, 3500 Graft - FUE - Transest Clinic, Istanbul

First off, I owe a great deal of thanks to the RealSelf community. Without your guidance and inspiration, the review I am about to type would not have been possible. In an effort to ‘pay it forward’ to others, I have documented my personal hair transplant experience with Transest Hair Tra... READ MORE

33 Year Old - 3500 Graft 6000 Hair FUE

As a 33 year old guy I felt extremely self-conscious about my badly receding hair line and balding crown – I had no idea what options there were to treat this until a customer of mine underwent an FUE hair transplant and then took the time to discuss it with me. This was the first step towards m... READ MORE

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