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FUE, or follicular unit extraction, is a minimally invasive method used to harvest and transplant hair. The treatment removes individual follicular units directly from the patient's donor site, which are then replanted into the scalp.

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Fist Review on Este Palace Clinic - Istanbul, TR

Wanted to show and add my journey to Istanbul to Este Palace clinic which i book throw a site called Hairtransplantonistanbul which was weird have a middle guy do the contact info but the guy Richard was great and got back to me after any email I sent him about any info gave me info on clinic... READ MORE

32yrs old fue HT 3700 graft Istanbul

Here I am . In Istanbul . Waiting for my HT which is scheduled for Tomorrow . I had so far met just the driver and he was a very nice man. We chatted a bit on the way to the hotel . He told me That he will pick me up next day at 9 to the consultation then surgery will follow . Hotel is clean and... READ MORE

3000 grafts (fue) - 42 years old - patient from Spain

I've chosen Dr. Koray Erdogan due to several reasons: - To be one of the best top doctors worldwide - To make available health services of maximum quality - To have a modern clinic structure, advanced technological facilities/equipment and high quality sanitary standards I'm a patient 100%... READ MORE

36 Year Old Male - Hair Transplant - Brisbane, AU

This will be my third FUT hair transplant with Dr Russell Knudsen. The first was in Feb 2014 (400 hairs) to thicken up my hair in the temple area and the second was in Nov 2014 (1000 hairs) and this was to bring my hair line forward as I had a rather high hairline. The third FUT hair transplant... READ MORE

Maral Hair Clinic 4250 FUE seven month update: goldilocks locks stage!

Best holiday ever, since my souvenir is a new hairline! Thanks Maral Klinik team and Dr Maral. Everything on my trip ran as advertised, as well as a holiday/tourism venture could be. The bonus was the AMAZING camaraderie of my fellow visitors/clients - it was great to hang out and learn from... READ MORE

Booked for Maral!! - Istanbul, TR

3 days ago I discover RealSelf- it took me just 72 hours of reading all of your reviews and stories to decide- I got to do this now! I now have a passport on the way and an airline ticket booked to Instanbul. I've only told my 2 closest friends who are convinced that I will return home missing a... READ MORE

45 Years Old, 3500 Graft - FUE - Transest Clinic, Istanbul

First off, I owe a great deal of thanks to the RealSelf community. Without your guidance and inspiration, the review I am about to type would not have been possible. In an effort to ‘pay it forward’ to others, I have documented my personal hair transplant experience with Transest Hair Tra... READ MORE

37 Year Old - Turkey, TR

After many hours of research I booked with Dr Maral in Turkey. They have said 3000-5500 graphs for $2350 USD. I'm from Canada so that works out to $3050 CDN plus I paid $850 for the flight and $70 USD (95 CDN) for the VISA. I'll be in for about 4K CDN. On average the reviews I have seen get... READ MORE

FUE Hair Transplants (4000 Grafts) - Dr Acar COSMEDICA (Microfue)

After almost 10 years of continuous hair loss, I decided to take the big step and get FUE hair transplants. As you will see in the pictures below, I had lost a lot of hair at the front and had virtually no hair left in the crown, something which caused me a lot of frustration. After almost a... READ MORE

34 Years Old - FUE - 1800 Graft

I have been losing hair for the past 10 years to the point that I am only 34 but looking older than I really am. It has started affecting my self esteem. I initially considered Dr Maral in Turkey but the trip to Istanbul from Australia was quite daunting. As I was visiting my birth country... READ MORE

45 Year Old Male, 4 Previous Fut 15+ Years Ago . Require Scar Revision and Tidy Up . Dr Cinik Istanbul - Istanbul, TR

Hi all Was stalking RS for some time Wanted to tidy myself up and feel comfortable and confident again. Lived with this mess for way to long. Glad I finally took the plunge. Scar revision was high on my to do list so I could one day have the flexibility of going to anybody for a haircut and not... READ MORE

Best Decisions Ever! China FUE 4250 grafts

Amazing experience. Very happy with the result. FUE 4250 grafts in one day. 10 hours. Believe it or not but this was totally not planned. We were for a wedding in China and walked in this clinic when we saw a discount. My wife quickly also checked online reviews and they seem to have a good... READ MORE

30 Year Old FUE Hair Transplant, Maral Klinik - Istanbul, TR

I'm a 30 y/o male from UK and after years of concerning myself over my hair loss I've reached the decision to finally rectify this by way of a hair transplant at the Maral Klinik, Istanbul. Due to my father and brother going bald I have always worried that I may be next. My brother is 4 years... READ MORE

Fue in Istanbul, Male Afro Caribbean Hair Type Experience

Hello all. I have decided to document my hair transplant journey with this community as so many journeys on this site have inspired me throughout my experience searching for the right doctor or hair transplant professional to help with my situation. I have followed and analysed various members... READ MORE

Igt being redone at no cost

I met with the surgeon in May of last year. At the office meeting my age was never brought the procedure was excruciating. At five months I remember with Dr Destifano at that meeting he stated my age was reason I am not getting any significant hair regrowth I am devastated... READ MORE

30 Year Old Male - 3500 FUE LA Hair Clinic - Pasadena, CA

I have been experiencing hair loss for the last ten years at a steady pace. After my recent engagement, I became more serious about my desire to move forward with the FUE. Yesterday was the big day and I had a 3500 graphed transfer in zones 1 & 2. So far I'm pleased with the results. The... READ MORE

33 Years Old, Romania, 3800 Grafts, Grade 6-7. Maral Klinic - Istanbul, TR

I believe that there is no need to write any more about my experience. It was written enough others who applaied to Maral Klinic. Everything was well, good team, ! photos wich i will post in the future will show the truth! I was told that I needed a second intervention after at least one... READ MORE

From Canada to Istanbul

My experience at Cosmedica is very good. From the begining when they picked me up from the airport to the day of the surgery. I didn't know what to expect but after meeting Dr Acar I felt very comfortable in my decision. Dr Acar after accessing me decided that using a new technology for... READ MORE

38 Years Old-4600 Grafts-Dr. Ahmed Altan-AestePool Clinic-Istanbul Tukey

My friend and I finally have done HT by FUE method. We returned home yesterday. We are so far very happy with the results and the treatment that we received. I am not going to describe my experience as detail rich as people are usually doing here. I will instead just add my comments on some of... READ MORE

34 Years Old, One Daughter, 2nd Sitting. FUE - Kuwait

Hello everyone! I'm writing this on my 2nd day after a 4000 graft FUE surgery. This is my 2nd sitting, the first one was FUT 1400 grafts which I underwent 2.5 years ago at Enhance Clinics, Mumbai, India. I'm not at all happy with the result. No significant hair growth, no density , some hair... READ MORE

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