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FUE, or follicular unit extraction, is a minimally invasive method used to harvest and transplant hair. The treatment removes individual follicular units directly from the patient's donor site, which are then replanted into the scalp.

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30 Year Old Male - 3500 FUE LA Hair Clinic - Pasadena, CA

I have been experiencing hair loss for the last ten years at a steady pace. After my recent engagement, I became more serious about my desire to move forward with the FUE. Yesterday was the big day and I had a 3500 graphed transfer in zones 1 & 2. So far I'm pleased with the results. The... READ MORE

My Hair Transplant with Dr. Cinik from Cosemdica, Istanbul with 3800 Grafts, Head, Beard and Chest Donor Areas

I am a 25 years old guy from India. Initially, they shaved off my hair, took my blood samples ( FOR PRP) and then Dr. Cinik discussed with me the region to transplant. The markings ( which gets washed off after the first wash) were made on my head, and then they sent me to the transplant... READ MORE

3500 FUE Graft Procedure - Turkey, TR

When I reach Istanbul, a Driver was waiting for me, drove me to the hotel beside the hospital, the day after I went early morning at 8am to make blood test and check before The procedure. we discussed the hair lines, and other questions I had in mind, the procedure was very smooth everything was... READ MORE

fue hair transplant at transest

Hallelujah!!! I did it. So happy with the results. Dr Ahmed Altan nice Surgeons nice Hotel nice Transfer driver nice Turkish pop music nice as they work! Hair transplant nice! Wife is very happy. She said I look 10 years younger. Support this fun filled clinic. 4200 grafts with option... READ MORE

39, Fue, 3200 grafts, Maral Klinik - Istanbul, TR

Booked into Maral hair klinik in Istanbul in early June. Dr. Maral's office was very quick to reply to my e-mails. That, and the fact that I could only uncover one negative review relating to the man (which did sound suspiciously like a competitor), helped me to decide on this clinic. The... READ MORE

34 Years Old 3000 Graft FUE - Istanbul, TR

Gonna keep this short since there are tons of reviews for them. Dr Maral and his staff were awesome. Love them! I'm at my 6 month mark now. I know it takes 18 for full results but I'm kinda bummed some hairs have not sprouted in my frontal areas. Really scared they at all won't at this point.... READ MORE

36 Years Old, 3500 Grafts. Turkey, TR

I have had a previous Hair transplant of 2700 fut. This was done in London with Dr May in 2014, I felt that this was not as good as I expected and the results were not as hoped. After researching and contemplating on if I should have any further work, I decided to take the plunge and picked Dr... READ MORE

37 Year Old - Turkey, TR

After many hours of research I booked with Dr Maral in Turkey. They have said 3000-5500 graphs for $2350 USD. I'm from Canada so that works out to $3050 CDN plus I paid $850 for the flight and $70 USD (95 CDN) for the VISA. I'll be in for about 4K CDN. On average the reviews I have seen get... READ MORE

Fist Review on Este Palace Clinic - Istanbul, TR

Wanted to show and add my journey to Istanbul to Este Palace clinic which i book throw a site called Hairtransplantonistanbul which was weird have a middle guy do the contact info but the guy Richard was great and got back to me after any email I sent him about any info gave me info on clinic... READ MORE

34 Years Old, from Lebanon, FUE HT Done in Turkey, Istanbul, at Dr.CINIK Clinic

I had my FUE hair transplantation on the 18th of October 2016. My operation went smoothly. Dr.CINIK team is professional and friendly. I didn't feel stress, neither anxious, nor pain prior and post operation. It went like magic although it took 8h30mn to transplant 4000 grafts. Only one minor... READ MORE

Dr.Maral,FUE, Age 26, 3500 Graphs, Vancouver, Canada - Istanbul, TR

Hello all! Finally the day has come! I have been doing research for over a year now and truly believe that going through with choosing Dr. Maral is a great choice. Thank you to all the members on this forum who guided me in the right direction. I too plan on doing my best in writing a detailed... READ MORE

Maral Hair Clinic 4250 FUE, June 2016. Make am-hair-ica great again!

Best holiday ever, since my souvenir is a new hairline! Thanks Maral Klinik team and Dr Maral. Everything on my trip ran as advertised, as well as a holiday/tourism venture could be. The bonus was the AMAZING camaraderie of my fellow visitors/clients - it was great to hang out and learn from... READ MORE

30 Year Old Frontal Hairline Restoration

I wish I had know about RealSelf when I scheduled my procedure over a year ago, because it may have led me to Dr. Misko sooner! I did a lot of research about hair transplant before I was ready to commit. My PCP wrote me a script for Propecia over a year before I was ready to do a transplant and... READ MORE

Excited for my Third Transplant with Dr. Rawnsley!! - Westwood, CA

Just two days until my hair transplant with Dr. Rawnsley. It's been ten years since my last procedure and the results have been nothing short of amazing. I would be as bald as my grandfather today had I not received hair transplants from Dr. Rawnsley in my 30s. Back then, Dr. Rawnsley told me I... READ MORE

1500 FUE Hairline Lowering - Fort Mill, SC

After getting tired of using bangs and side parts to cover my hairline I realized I needed to do something about it. The procedures I looked into were the scalp advancement, and the FUT and FUE hair transplants. After doing my research I decided a FUE hair transplant would be the best choice... READ MORE

FUE Hair Transplant - Istanbul, TR

I had a total of 3300 grafts to hairline and crown. This was performed over one day. I am very happy with the result so far. Pros: Reasonably priced FUE hair transplant, professional staff and good outcome of transplant thus far. The graft extraction was done by the main surgeon. Cons:... READ MORE

33 Years Old, Romania, 3800 Grafts, Grade 6-7. Maral Klinic - Istanbul, TR

I believe that there is no need to write any more about my experience. It was written enough others who applaied to Maral Klinic. Everything was well, good team, ! photos wich i will post in the future will show the truth! I was told that I needed a second intervention after at least one... READ MORE

Done at Last! 3800 Grafts

Here we go then, a trip into the unknown, here's my little story about having my hair ripped out the back of my head and then stuck back on the top, weird when you think of it like that but that's basically the procedure. (Very clever though!) I'll start with the basics, I'm 45 years old now... READ MORE

33 Years Old - Istanbul, TR

My hair transplant was done at maral klinik Istanbul. And my experience was a very good one. on day one of maral clinics drivers picked me up from the airport on time took me to a nice hotel then on day two the driver picked me up from hotel took me the clinic 15 min away .then for one hour we... READ MORE

You Made my Day - Istanbul, TR

It was a great experience that i had in this clinic the doctor was really helpful and the team is really talented , my surgery was painless and the results were really great . thanks to all of you Este clinic team .RegardsAssem Abuzaina Starting to lose the implementation hair I just... READ MORE

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