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FUE, or follicular unit extraction, is a minimally invasive method used to harvest and transplant hair. The treatment removes individual follicular units directly from the patient's donor site, which are then replanted into the scalp. LEARN MORE ÔÇ║

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ESTEPR─░ME - Medical AGENCY - Bertrand 24 YEARS OLD ─░STANBUL -4800 Graft Hair TRANSPLANT - Istanbul, TR

My name is Bertrand Few weeks ago a decide to make a appointment to one of the hair transplant clinics .I was checking many web sits from Europe . I find like 10 clinic with different prices .Finally i was an turkish sits with was very attentive. Erdal is one of the manager Este prime which i... READ MORE

In Progress

I did the surgery at the Acibadem Hospital in Istanbul with Dr. Rawad Attar on the recommendation of a friend. He did the transplant there four years ago and has good results. The organization was good. There were many patients, the hospital is close to the hotel and the city center. In the cost... READ MORE

32yrs old fue HT 3700 graft Istanbul

Here I am . In Istanbul . Waiting for my HT which is scheduled for Tomorrow . I had so far met just the driver and he was a very nice man. We chatted a bit on the way to the hotel . He told me That he will pick me up next day at 9 to the consultation then surgery will follow . Hotel is clean and... READ MORE

45 Year Old Male, 4 Previous Fut 15+ Years Ago . Require Scar Revision and Tidy Up . Dr Cinik Istanbul - Istanbul, TR

Hi all Was stalking RS for some time Wanted to tidy myself up and feel comfortable and confident again. Lived with this mess for way to long. Glad I finally took the plunge. Scar revision was high on my to do list so I could one day have the flexibility of going to anybody for a haircut and not... READ MORE

32 Years Old, 3200 Grafts W/ Ekrem Civas

I'm a single, 32-year-old American. Norwood 5/6. My review will be a "not sure yet" status until I am satisfied with the results, which will basically take a year. I will update this review periodically over the coming year, so unless I'm hit by a truck, expect constant updates and feedback... READ MORE

29 Years Old, FUE Procedure 3400 Grafts - Istanbul, TR

Hi guys, just thought I would document an unbiased and personal review of my experience with FUE hair transplant with Dr Maral in Instanbul, Turkey. I have gradually been going bald since my early to mid 20's and have tried things like minoxidil and concealer etc. I'm opposed to taking... READ MORE

28 Years Old 5000 Grafts

I am a 28 years old guy from India. Initially, they shaved off my hair, took my blood samples ( FOR PRP) and then Dr. Doygu kosan discussed with me the region to transplant. The markings ( which gets washed off after the first wash) were made on my head, and then they sent me to the transplant... READ MORE

4000 FUE in Istanbul, Male African Afro Caribbean Hair Type

My story is quite simple i am 43 and have suffered a gradual hair loss from age of 30 at which time these operation were still developing.. Plus financially out of my depth! I have been watching the progress of FUE treatment. As a linear scar was unacceptable to me as i shave my hair short. I... READ MORE

Fue Procedure at Maral Clinic

I'm 46 years old and have been losing my hair since I was around 20. My father was completely bald by 30 so I wasn't surprised that I would have the same problem. It never really bothered me and I just kind of excepted it. That was until my girlfriend showed me pictures of this amazing procedure... READ MORE

Dr.Cinik 4800 Graft Hair+ Beard FUE Hair-transplant

Hi Everybody, I am 40 years old. I have bald spots on my crown and also top of the had. When Dr. Cinik exam-ed me, he decided to use my neck and back of my head as Donor area. As you see in the picture I don`t have lots of hair on back of my head but still I was able use 4000 grafts. Dr. Cinik... READ MORE

Fue with Dr Cinik

Before deciding I did a lot of research on hair transplant and narrowed down that Dr Cinik was the best Clinic for me. Although there were cheaper clinics I would recomend Dr Cinik. Met a lot of patients including a Doctor from the UK doing his transplant, so I believe I made the right choice. I... READ MORE

Hair Transplant :: Age 34 Male :: FUE - 3,204 Grafts - Istanbul, TR

Ok so I've been having problem with thinning hair since I was about 28 but I did a pretty good job covering it up with the longer hair. It was really bothering me a lot & finally one day talked to my wife about the possibility of doing transplant & she really supported me. That was such... READ MORE

3000 grafts (fue) - 42 years old - patient from Spain

I've chosen Dr. Koray Erdogan due to several reasons: - To be one of the best top doctors worldwide - To make available health services of maximum quality - To have a modern clinic structure, advanced technological facilities/equipment and high quality sanitary standards I'm a patient 100%... READ MORE

Hair Transplant

Hi my names Justin I come from and have looked into getting my hair done for some time now but decided to bite the bullet over the Easter holidays. Although I'm in the very early stages of recovery i.e. My surgery yesterday I'm happy with the care I've received English speaking staff clean... READ MORE

3500 FUE Graft Procedure - Turkey, TR

When I reach Istanbul, a Driver was waiting for me, drove me to the hotel beside the hospital, the day after I went early morning at 8am to make blood test and check before The procedure. we discussed the hair lines, and other questions I had in mind, the procedure was very smooth everything was... READ MORE

My Hair Transplant with Dr. Cinik from Cosemdica, Istanbul with 3800 Grafts, Head, Beard and Chest Donor Areas

I am a 25 years old guy from India. Initially, they shaved off my hair, took my blood samples ( FOR PRP) and then Dr. Cinik discussed with me the region to transplant. The markings ( which gets washed off after the first wash) were made on my head, and then they sent me to the transplant... READ MORE

4,900 Graft FUE, Hair Transplant in Turkey from U.S. 28yr old

I've finally decided to schedule my surgery. I'm from the US and its always been to expensive. I read reviews on this site and decided I could do it in Turkey and settled on Dr. Maral. I would like to return the favor and write about my personal experience to help others in making the decision.... READ MORE

30 Years Old, FUE hair transplant 3450 grafs, London-turkey Dr. Maral

Hey guys, after reading a lot of review on here I have decided to get a FUE transplant from doctor Maral. I am now really excited to start my journey to a 'new' head of hair :) I used finasteride for a couple of years and it really made miracles, but then I decided to stop, and after 2 years... READ MORE

CapilClinic - Operaci├│n 30/11/16 FUE, 34 A├▒os , 4.600 Injertos

Tengo 34 a├▒os soy de Madrid y llevo varios a├▒os tomando la t├şpica medicaci├│n contra la alopecia (finasteride, minoxidil...). Hace unos meses me decid├ş finalmente por hacerme un trasplante capilar. Primero busqu├ę por Espa├▒a pero los precios que me ofrecieron no eran asumibles por m├ş y luego m... READ MORE

31yr Old Canadian Male FUE Hair Transplant Dr.Cinik in Turkey February 2017

I've decided to make this review to help people interested in getting the FUE procedure. I started noticing my hair loss around the age of 22. Mainly in my crown and frontal area. Shortly after I started hearing about the FUE hair transplant procedure and that Turkey was a good country to get it... READ MORE

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