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Fraxel Laser for Acne Scars on Asian Skin?

Hi, I have acne scar in my cheek and few bump (pimple). I want to get rid of that scar. Is Fraxel laser good for me? I'm Asian, 21 yrs old and have... READ MORE

Can Sciton Laser or Fraxel Laser Burn the Skin?

I saw on RealSelf a young woman that had Fraxel Laser done two years ago and has severe sores on her face. She looks terrible. Can Fraxel Laser or... READ MORE

Fraxel Laser for Skin Graft on Body?

I was burned by boiling water on my shoulder and breast when I was 2 years old, now at 28, I have always want to get some kind of improvement,... READ MORE

Fraxel Treatment Made my Frown Lines Worse?

I had Fraxel laser therapy for 2 scars above my lips and also down around my frown lines. I went 4 times 6 weeks apart and then returned once after a... READ MORE

Track Marks After Fraxel Repair

I'm looking into Fraxel Repair, but I'm concerned about track marks. Can they be avoided? I'd rather not have to deal with bleaching... READ MORE

Fraxel Restore or Repair for Under Eye Burn?

The area is also particularly sensitive as its under the eyes. The burns are only mild. Would I be better off with the less invasive Fraxel Restore,... READ MORE

Post 1 Year Fraxel Damage; Am 20, HAD Indian Light Brown Baby Smooth Skin?

Went to cheap spa 4 pearl laser from inexperienced assistant. Burned skin (required steroid cream from doctor), worse everyday; lines, track marks,... READ MORE

Worried About Negative Reviews of Fraxel

I am shocked of so many negative review on Fraxel, Pixel, Active FX and others...Is co2 the only real deal? I dont want to look like a lizard or worse... READ MORE

Fraxel and Fat Transfers

A person would like to know 2 things: 1. Is there any CLINCAL PROOF that fraxel does indeed burn fat on one's face. (I believe this happened to me) 2.... READ MORE

Does Fraxel Work on Mild Burn Scars Under Eyes?

I have scars (only mild or 1st degree) from burns under the eyes, and was wondering, if Fraxel Repair or Restore would help remove the scars? If so,... READ MORE

Fraxel question - Doctors Please Help!! (photos)

Why is my skin waxy, shiny and have more pores 3 months post fraxel? Was I burnt from the laser? I know we did 8 passes at the maximum allowed depth.... READ MORE

How to treat fraxel laser burnt skin??

My dermatologist was treating me for chicken pox scars that I had on my body. So she tried fraxel laser on me. But to her surprise it burnt my skin... READ MORE

Why are there so many bad reviews of Fraxel?

I have had 2 consultations and both PS recommended Fraxel for skin resurfacing, but the reviews are terrifying. Are you guys seeing all of these... READ MORE

Fraxel infection and burn. So many lies. How can this be treated? (Photo)

My skin type is III/ IV. I had Fraxel 3 weeks ago done by a TOP dermatologist and got Impetigo infection ...according to the doctor that treated me.... READ MORE

After a Fraxel, is it normal for a certain area to be burned? (Photo)

I had fraxel done on Friday. Saturday I started getting white bumps around my chin and Saturday night it started feeling and looking more like a burn.... READ MORE

I have water bubbles after doing acne laser. Is this normal?

I have acne scars and some acne on my face. My doctor recommended me acne laser. but after doing that acne laser my face got burned.. it turned so red... READ MORE

I had my second Fraxel 3 weeks ago in Iran.

Hi doctor, my name is nazanin. I had my second fraxel 3 weeks ago in Iran. And my doctor give me neotone cream to use every night. I started 3 days... READ MORE

Had a fraxel laser on my hand to remove a brown spot a week ago. Is it infected? (Photo)

It us infected am in a z pack but the burn looks horrible and painful. How should I treat the wound? READ MORE

Fraxel Laser for Third Degree Burn Scars?

Hi. I have this 3rd degree burn scar on my body (tummy and both thighs) due to hot water. The scars are now thick and very itchy. I'm planning to... READ MORE

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