3 Weeks Post-op + Fraxel Laser

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Sun Exposure After Fraxel Laser Treatment

I had one fraxel treatment about 3 weeks ago. I am leaving for vaction in two weeks, and I am concerned about sun exposure. How long should i wait... READ MORE

Redness/bronzing 3 Weeks Post One Session of Fraxel Restore

I am now three weeks post-Fraxel restore(had one session only). My skin still looks pink and I can see the demarcation line between the lasered and... READ MORE

Can I Do Fraxel Co2 Laser For Dark Circles After Face Lift Heals?

I had a facelift and necklift 3 weeks ago. I didnt have my forehead or eyebrows lifted. I did have the eyes upper and lower done. ,can I have the... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Get a Bruise Under the Eye 3 Weeks After Fraxel Eye Procedure?

Is It Normal to Get a Bruise Under the Eye 3 Weeks After Fraxel Eye Procedure? READ MORE

Wk 3 Co2 Fraxel, Itch is Severe I Rub Without Tearing, is This Ok? Does It Delay Healing?

I use cold compress, advil, benedrayl, claritin to control itching, but it is still very red and itchy. By me itching and rubbing, is it prolonging... READ MORE

Rash After Fraxel Treatment?

I got Fraxel treatment done three weeks ago for cafe au lait spots. They were healing normally, until yesterday. I woke up with a bad rash on the... READ MORE

If I smoked a few puffs of a cigarette will that have any noticeable impact on my laser scar treatment?

I got Fraxel Laser treatment done twice and then a CO2 laser treatment one time in order to treat my laceration above my eye. I impulsively smoked 4... READ MORE

After 3 weeks of Fraxel, I still have very dark red cheeks. You can see two different skin color. Is it normal?

I'm really worried, after 3 weeks of treatment, my both side chicks are very red. Sometimes it looks very dark and sometimes it looks red. I'm really... READ MORE

Fraxel On Acne Scars?

Tomorrow will be the third week after my last fraxel restore. I have seen wonderful improvement on my acne scars. Will I continue to see improvement?... READ MORE

Fraxel infection and burn. So many lies. How can this be treated? (Photo)

My skin type is III/ IV. I had Fraxel 3 weeks ago done by a TOP dermatologist and got Impetigo infection ...according to the doctor that treated me.... READ MORE

Fraxel restore scar/pigmentation. Can it be fixed? (Photo)

Hi everyone, I had fraxel restore 3 weeks ago & was really silly after 2nd treatment... I rubbed my skin off in the shower after 3-4 days. It was... READ MORE

Had Impetigo infection right after Fraxel treatment, will my skin be scarred?

My skin type is III/ IV. I had Fraxel 3 weeks ago and got Impetigo 3 days after Fraxel. Wast treated with Antibiotics . The infection is now... READ MORE

Three weeks post Fraxel Dual: Constant breakouts, what to do now? (Photo)

Had first Fraxel Dual treatment 3 weeks ago. 5 days post I had a breakout. That breakout was healing and I had an allergic reaction to a moisturizer.... READ MORE

Fraxel for stretch marks three weeks ago. Why does redness persist? Linear red marks all over abdomen and belly, worried (Photo)

Fraxel three weeks ago for stretch marks on abdomen and hips. Hip ones were white and old, belly ones were purple and new. Left with disgusting,... READ MORE

Will this scar. Fraxel on indented scar on 4/21/16 (photos)

Fraxel on 4/21 for indented scar It turned brown. Applied 6% hydroquinone lotion. It's now red/pink, raised and shiny I was told to apply silicone... READ MORE

I had Fraxel Laser 21 days ago, the red skin is now turning into brown, could this be something serious?

I had fraxel laser almost a month ago for little acne scars, all the stages I took good care of my skin then it turned red normally from the procedure... READ MORE

Fraxal Repair scarring. Will this go away over time?

Hi, had Fraxal :repair done on my face August 7th 2015. My forehead has laser lines still and looks like scaring (white raised thicker skin) on cheek... READ MORE

3 Weeks After Having Fraxel On My Face. Now Have Hyperpigmentation?

And 3 weeks be4 i had frexel dual done on my face. and now even after 3 weeks my skin is dark from upper lips and around the eyes......my doctor... READ MORE

3 weeks after fraxel under my eyes. Any suggestions? (photo)

I am putting on them disonide0.1%cream twice a day! And calcifate cream from avene twice a day too READ MORE

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