3 weeks post Fraxel laser restore with redness and Fraxel mark on my cheeks. Is this permanent?

I am 3 weeks post fraxel restore laser and my skin still looks red with fraxel mark. With my first treatment I healed in 10 days but with my second treatment I am not healed yet(they used higher frequency this time 60 Mj). I went to see my dr last week and she gave me phloretin c serum to speed up healing but no improvement yet. Is this mean I got permanent redness or hyper pigmentation? What treatment would help me out? I am loosing so much sleep over this as I am scared my skin is ruined forever:(

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Fraxel and healing

Thank you for the question about Fraxel and healing time. Can you post a picture to better advise on your concerns?

Redness and bronzing are typical side effect from Fraxel and depending on the level of treatment can take several days to weeks to resolve.If you have continued concerns a follow up with your Clinician would be the next best step. 

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Fraxel and Facial Healing

Proper skin care, LED treatment, and sun protection is important at this time. It will take weeks to months to heal.  Please see your physician if you are concerned.  Best, DR. Emer.

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Fraxel and Healing

Please post a photo to better assist you with your question.  Depending on your skin type and the settings used it can make more than two weeks to heal.  I would recommend the proper wound care and consulting a specialist to make sure that everything is healing properly.  Best, Dr. Green

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