Is It Normal to Get a Bruise Under the Eye 3 Weeks After Fraxel Eye Procedure?

Is It Normal to Get a Bruise Under the Eye 3 Weeks After Fraxel Eye Procedure?

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Bruising under the eyes after Fraxel.

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Dear writer, you may be describing new very small blood vessels in the skin of the lower eyelid. This may be mistaken as bruising. As Dr. Glavey described, this may be seen after an effective Fraxel laser treatment, and will resolve over time. 

You should not normally bruise after Fraxel

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Without seeing the actual bruise it is hard to determine if it is really a bruise or post-inflamatory hyperpigmentation. Normally, we do not see bruises three weeks after a Fraxel, however there may be that effect from other treatments such as Ulthera. Are you on blood thinners? Then I would understand this result. 

If it is simply a change in pigment, which is normal, you can be treated with the Vbeam for hyperpigmentation; however it should even-out naturally within 4-6 weeks. 

When you go for a factional laser treatment, your doctor or technician should let you know what you can expect in terms both the treatment and the post-treatment downtime and results. You should go back to your clinic and inquire what is really going on. 

Steven Bernstein, MD
Montreal Dermatologic Surgeon

Yes, this can happen.

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Neovascularization, or new blood vessel formation, is a normal and desired outcome after a Fraxel treatment. These blood vessels can be quite delicate, and  unfortunately may occasionally rupture after rubbing or washing the skin. Although it may be temporarily unsightly, it is nothing to worry about. It means that the Fraxel treatment was beneficial to your skin. Regards.


Christine Glavey, MD (retired)
Alpharetta Dermatologic Surgeon

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