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Repeat Fractional CO2 Laser?

I had a fractional CO2 laser treatment under eyes two weeks ago. I like the results, but am thinking I will need a bit more tightening. How long must... READ MORE

Can 1540 Non Ablative Fractional Laser Treatment Help Remove Pigmentation Under my Eyes?

I am an india 27, with deep dark circles under my eyes. I have it from a very long time. Can 1540 Non ablative fractional laser treatment help remove... READ MORE

Why Are my Under Eye Wrinkles Worse After Laser Treatment?

I have minor fine lines under my eyes and went to see a cosmetic clinic and they suggested 3 treatments of endymed fsr to improve them, im 5 weeks... READ MORE

Why has fractional laser ruined my under eye skin? (photo)

I had endymed fsr treatment to improve a minor burn scar, and it has destroyed my skin, I have lost tightness around the eyes and gained so many more... READ MORE

Will Fractional Laser Resurfacing Disrupt my Under Eye Fat Grafting?

I recently had fat grafting for my dark under eye hollows, but still have creaping, is fractional laser in this area the next step, or will this... READ MORE

What are long term results of Fractional laser under eyes?

It is clear that laser can improve wrinkles under eyes within 1 month to 1year. What are long term results of Fractional laser under eyes? Some people... READ MORE

Laser treatment under eyes. Can it destroy fat cells and create hollowness?

Is it possible that laser under eyes besides tightening the skin can destroy some of fat cells and create a hollowness? Thank you Lana READ MORE

I had a Fractional laser under my eye , skin is full of little holes. Any suggestions?

One year ago i had a laser co2 under my eyes . But now my skyn is full of many little holes ( like many pixel ) . What can i do ? Peeling . Thank you READ MORE

Is Japanese made Futura RF a good machine for fractional laser?

Hi. Im planning on getting Fractional CO2 Laser on my face for acne scars and under eye wrinkles. The machine my dermatologist has is a Japanese made... READ MORE

Is this wrinkled texture under my eyes normal after profractional laser? (photos)

Is this wrinkled texture under my eyes normal after profractional laser? Will it heal? I'm devastated and look like a 60 year old when I'm only 23. It... READ MORE

Fat Grafting After Laser. Would These Procedures Nullify Each Other?

Two months ago, I had a fractioned laser for my face. Now I'm thinking of fat grafting in undereye area. Wouldn't these two procedures nullify... READ MORE

Is it possible to still be healing 18 months after fractional laser treatment?

I had fractional laser treatment 18 months ago. I now have severe wrinkling, discoloration, and a weird texture to my skin. I did not have wrinkles... READ MORE

Saggy under eyes after 2 fractional laser treatments. Any suggestions?

I am worried because it seems that every times I have a laser treatment on my face, my under eyes are getting more wrinkles. My under eyes skin is... READ MORE

Other Than Botox, What Can Help Crows Feet and Crepiness Under Eyes? (photo)

Botox helps the crows feet somewhat, but does not do much for the extra skin under the eyes when I smile - the crepiness. funny thing is, I have no... READ MORE

Repeat Fractional Laser to Repair Hyperpigmentation and Roughness?

I had a Fractional CO2 Laser done 10 months ago on my face. I had severe PIH, although lightened, it's still a shade or two darker especially... READ MORE

How Soon After Smartskin Fractional CO2 Laser Can I Get ViPeel?

I had a Smart Skin CO2 laser procedure performed under eyes 4 weeks ago. Is it safe o have a ViPeel now? Thanks! READ MORE

The Area Around my Eyes Got Dark After Fractional Laser. What's Going On? How Do I Fix This?

I recently had C02 fractional laser resurfacing under my eyes because I had black rings under my eyes. After this procedure the area started becoming... READ MORE

Dots After Laser?

I had a fractional CO2 laser treatment (SmartSKin at medium setting) under the eyes 4 weeks ago. My skin there has these miniscule dots left that are... READ MORE

Bruise After Fractional Co2 Laser- Worried?

I had fractional CO2 laser done under eyes 11 days ago. I fell on my bedpost yesterday and have a big bruise under one eye. Will this affect the... READ MORE

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