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How Long Will I Be Swollen from Fat Grafting?

I'm on day 6 after having a fat transfer to my cheeks and I'm not sure how swollen I am. I'm hoping that I'm still quite swollen,... READ MORE

I had a Fat Transfer to the malar region near my cheekbones. Is it normal to still have swelling 5 months post op?

Hello, my English is bad, i´m sorry.5 MOnths ago, i had fat grafting to the malar region near cheekbone.I regret it, because its doesn´t look good, t... READ MORE

Two Weeks Post Op Fat Transfer to Face and Lips- When Will Swelling Go Down? (photo)

The Dr. (who I love & did great work before) also performed a neck and mid face lift. Please tell me my face & lips are still swollen! Would... READ MORE

Facial Swelling and Bruising After Fat Transfer to Cheeks, When Will it go Down?

I'm 5 days post from a fat transfer to cheeks. I'm incredibly swollen. bruising is moderate but my face is so distorted like Im cat woman. Had... READ MORE

Correct Bad Fat Transfer Results with Blepharoplasty?

I had a fat transfer under my eyes because they were so hollow. Around 6 months later, there was an uneven swelling that hardened into uneven lumps.... READ MORE

I Had Lipo with Fat Transfer to Hips 1 Wk Ago. Way Too Much Volume. How Do I Kill Some Fat Cells?

7 Days ago, I had lipo done on inner thighs, banana roll, arms, tummy, PLUS fat transfer to outer thighs/hips to fill in an overzealous lipo from 3... READ MORE

Had Problems with Fat Transfer?

I was originally interested in Blepharoplasty, but my surgeon said I didn't have excess skin, and what I really needed was more volume, so I opted for... READ MORE

Lipofilling of Lips and Cheeks, When Will the Swelling Go Down? (photo)

This is a picture of my lips 3 days after having a lipofilling of my lips and cheeks. How long will the swelling last and will this be the actual... READ MORE

How Long for Swelling to Dissipate After Fat Transfer to Lips?

What is the longest it can take for swelling to go away after fat grafting in lips? READ MORE

Did my Face Get Too Much Fat Transferred?

I had rhinoplasty(open,nasal bone was broken as well)& facial fat grafting 3 days ago. Rhinoplasty result seems fine,but my face is EXTREMELY... READ MORE

Can Massaging Reverse Fat Injection Effects on my Lips?

I had an Fat injection to my upper lips 12 days ago. The swelling has gone down but my lip looks so big and my face expression has completeley changed... READ MORE

Swelling and Bruising After Facial Fat Transfer / Hematoma

5 weeks ago I had a fat transfer to the right side of my face to conceal and indentation caused by a growth (nf1), however there was another growth... READ MORE

Expedite Healing from Fat Transfer?

I am getting Fat Transfer on 5/26/09. How long will I be bruised or swollen? What can I do to reduce the down time so I can go out? READ MORE

My Face Seems Round and Too Big One Week After Facial Fat Transfer, Is It Swelling? (photo)

I made a facial face transfer last week on 09 feb 2012 & for lips also and till now my face is too big and seems strange iam afraid that it will... READ MORE

Can Fat Grafting or Sculptra Really Replace a Face Lift in Mid-30s?

Two years ago, I had a Rhinoplasty. For about a year afterward, my face was slightly swollen. Consequently, friends commented that I looked much... READ MORE

The Truth About Fat Injections in Cheeks, 4.5 Weeks out

I had small bags under my eyes. The doctor suggested to take fat out of my thighs and inject it into my cheeks; so I stupidly agreed and I do not like... READ MORE

Fat Grafting to Buttocks - When Will Results be Evident?

Following fat graphing to buttocks and the swelling subsided, when will the full effect be evident? when does fat cells which were used to graph... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take After Fat Transfer for Lips to Feel and Look Normal?

Hello, I had fat transfer to my lips two weeks ago and rhinoplasty. The top lip appears to still have some swelling and there is a large gap between... READ MORE

Lipo w/ Fat Transfer - Swelling and Indentations After Doctor Changed Procedure

I had lipo 6 mo. ago. i'd askd dr. to do abdomen & lower back. he suggested that i also get fat transfer into my buttocks. He told me after... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take After a Fat Transfer to Buttock to See Results?

I had a fat transfer done 2 weeks ago and Im starting to question my decision. I dont see much results from the transfer and I do have areas of... READ MORE

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