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Steroid Injection to Correct Fat Injections?

Can steroid injection(s) be used to treat fat grafting over-injection on the inner part of the upper eyelid? Thank you in advance. READ MORE

Fat Transfer to the Heel Area?

I have had a total of 3 steroid injections to the bottom of my left foot over a period of 3 years for plantar faciaitis. I now have some atrophy of... READ MORE

Steroid Injections to Correct Fat Graft?

Steroid shot helped a lot to correct over-grafted temples, but they're still too large. 1. How long does it take to see the full results of the... READ MORE

Topical Steroid Atrophy. Fat Transfers or Surgery? (photo)

I have topical steroid atrophy on my face about one year and i tried all dermatologicals treatments (radiofrequency/laser, mesotheraphy/fillers).... READ MORE

Remove or dissolve fat after fat transfer to face?

I had fat transfer to my face 5 days ago. I know I have to wait to have all the swell go out but the problem that fat was injected in my bottom cheeks... READ MORE

Fat Injection to Thicken Skin?

I had steroid injection for tennis elbow and my skin as thinned due to this around the joint would fat injection be the correct soloution to thicken... READ MORE

Steroid injection to correct fat transfer but now too much atrophy how to stop this?

I had very over done fat transfer to cheeks 4 years later looking like chipmunk found doctor to do steroid injection to cheek 25 Percent now one month... READ MORE

Would a steroid injection help to remove fat transfer injection from the face?

It's been 3 yrs & I have a ridge of fat sitting underneath the hollow of my eyes and a lump under on eye. It was originally put in the top part of my... READ MORE

How can a fat graft to face and lips be removed or reversed?

I had fat graft to nasolabial areas and lips 15 months ago and it is uneven and terrible. I called my plastic surgeon this morning and asked about... READ MORE

Is fat transfer a good solution for facial asymmetry?

I had facial surgery 6 months with hematoma and internal scar tissue on the side. i did steroids for the scar tissue , but my face is asymmetrical... READ MORE

After a year overgrown fat grafting?

About a year ago i did fat grafting to my cheeks. A year later it two.bumps have developed near my temple. I went back to surgeon and he... READ MORE

Will Steroids for Inflammation Harm Fat Transfer Results?

I had fat transfer injections into cheeks 8 days ago. Will taking steroids for inflammation this close to transfer harm it? I have noticed the fat... READ MORE

Fat transfer to my cheeks; when and what can I do to get my face back? (Photo)

I had fat injection 9 days ago .. so much pain and my face swelling has not changed for last 5 days . i need to remove this as i wil lose job. when... READ MORE

22 Year Old Patient Would Like to Get a Fat Transfer Really Bad, Am I a Candidate? (photo)

About 3 years ago i applied a topical steroid by accident to the area known as "Tear Trough" near my eye, and what this ended up doing is removing a... READ MORE

Multiple Liposuctions or Steroid Injections to correct Facial Fat Transfer Overfill? (Photo)

5 1/2 months ago I was to have fat graft to correct hollows under my eyes and NL folds. When I woke he had injected fat to my cheeks, cheekbones and... READ MORE

Recommendations for a Doctor Located in Georgia Who Treats Lumps from Old Fat Grafting Under Eyes (Steroid or 5fu Injections)?

I have hard lumps under my eyes after a bad fat transfer 3 years ago. Thank you Dr Glasgold who answered that correction thru a process of injections... READ MORE

Huge dent and discolouration from steroid injections (Photo)

I developed a granuloma from filler the size of a golf ball my injector then started treatment with steroid injections the first 2 were fine but the... READ MORE

I have had a fat graft in the cheeks, the surgeon overfilled the area extremely, and too low in the face. Any suggestions?

I have had a fat graft in the cheeks, the surgeon overfilled the area extremely, and too low in the face. He tried using a dilute steroid injection... READ MORE

Facial steroid injections for fat loss?

I am thinking about getting fortnightly injections of anabolic substances in the face, in order to induce the thinning of the skin and the burning of... READ MORE

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