Scar Tissue + Fat Transfer

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Scar Tissue from Fat Grafting

Hi, Will unsightly scar tissue left after fat transfer dissipate somehow on its own, or would surgical intervention be needed to improve it? Thanks so... READ MORE

Does Having a Fat Injection Leave You with a Scar

Does the area were the fat is liposuctioned from leave a scar. READ MORE

MRI Studies on Fat Grafting?

Hi, I had fat grafting done about 4 years ago and there is no question that whats underneath my skin is no longer fat but some other hard substance... READ MORE

Will Fat Grafting Work After Two Cheek Implant Revisions?

Hi there, I had a porex implant of a certain type, and moved to a bigger size (also porex) as the first implant was subtle to say the least. The... READ MORE

Is fat transfer a good solution for facial asymmetry?

I had facial surgery 6 months with hematoma and internal scar tissue on the side. i did steroids for the scar tissue , but my face is asymmetrical... READ MORE

Can Fat Transfer Procedures Be Challenging or Possible Through Scar Tissue?

If a person has had 3 facial surgeries, with scar tissue left along the sides of the face and under the cheekbones, can it be challenging or possible... READ MORE

What are the possible complications from fat transfer for lips?

Can the fat migrate from where it was placed? Can you form a lot of scar tissue? Can it become lumpy? What about necrsosis? Sorry for so many... READ MORE

Can Stem Cell Fat Grafting help with scar tissue and post inflammatory hyper pigmentation?

I've had hardened scar tissue on my lower abdomen from Slim Lipo for 1 year and 2 months now. I've also had loss of subcutaneous tissue from... READ MORE

Can I have a Facial Fat Transfer if I had lower lids fat removal many years ago?

I had upper and lower blepharoplasty years ago, with lower lids fat removal. My lower orbital area is currently hollow, and after seeing before and... READ MORE

Is fat composite grafting risky in the eye area if I have scar tissue? (Photo)

I know fat grafting can leave bumps and some will stick and some wont. I have an area on outer left eye that wont even hold fillers now. Fillers in me... READ MORE

I Need a Recommendation for a Doctor in the Atlanta Area?

I need a recommendation for a doctor in the Atlanta area who can do steroid injections in scar tissue. I had fat transfer several years ago and have... READ MORE

Do you recommend liposhifting?

I had gynecomastia surgery one year ago. Nipples are still puffy. My doctor said there is a bit of scar tissue and fat tissue. Definitely no gland but... READ MORE

What is the cost of pectoral fat transfer with scar tissue release?

Bilateral Pectoral fat transfer and scar tissue release. Fat being transferred from lower back region. What is the cost? I'm looking to have that done... READ MORE

Did a fat graft 5 years ago under my eyes. Still red and swollen!! Why? (photos)

My doctor says that she think the redness is broken blood vessels and i've tried two sessions of ktp laser with no results. So I wonder: is it scar... READ MORE

What's the thinnest layer of fat one can put in the face?

I am am all scar tissue so I am a difficult but u woukd love SOME fat in there. I actually have none ando have thereal burns and scarred blood vessels... READ MORE

Is it possible to have fat grafting after fillers?

I recently consulted with a surgeon about the possibility of getting fillers for a year or two and then full facial fat transfer. My problem area is... READ MORE

Lips scar tissue treatment? After fat injection?

After fat injection to lips and asymmetry dr performed micro-liposuction to one side of the lips. its been 2 months since lipo and my lip is :... READ MORE

Can a facial fat transfer help build blood vessels?

I have a lot of scar tissue and narrow scarred blood vessels which hased to scarring. I need blood vessels in my face. Does fat help build them? Prp ?... READ MORE

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