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Reversing Fat Transfer Results?

Three days ago, I had Liposuction done on my hips and back area. Then, at the same time, I had a fat transfer (graft) into my cheeks and folds of my... READ MORE

Too Much Fat Injected in Cheeks. What Can I Do?

I had fat injection 9 days ago .. so much pain and my face swelling has not changed for last 5 days . i need to remove this as i wil lose job. when... READ MORE

What Are My Options For Fat Transfer Removal From Face? (photo)

I had fat transfer under my eyes/top of cheeks 2 years ago with terrible results. The area is uneven& lumpy, with hard little beads underneath.... READ MORE

What Does 5 Fu Do if Injected Under Eye Area?

I had a Lower Blep from inside my Eyes. After that i was hollow on one Eye.I had Fat Grating put under the Eye to fill in the hollow area.So now it... READ MORE

Best Way to Remove Fat Graft to Face?

Hi, I am looking at removing a fat graft to my lower cheeks. I had it done two years ago when I was 26 and too much fat "took" and I really... READ MORE

Fat Transfer Removal From Cheeks And Jaw, is It Possible?

Hello, 41 year old male here that had fat transferred to cheeks and jaw area, I never liked the results but lived with it, however as I get older my... READ MORE

Can Fat Injected at Temples Be Smoothed or Removed?

Fat was injected into my temples to hide veins showing through my skin. The result is multiple, sizable lumps around my eyes. My doctor told me to... READ MORE

How to Remove Fat Graft from Cheeks?

I had fat graft on my upper cheeks. And it is way too much. I had 9 cc. on each side, plus I'm not Caucasian. I have tried my own silly way like... READ MORE

Fat Transfer Removal

I had fat transfer to the cheek area and unfortunatly too much was placed above Zygoma area (cheek bone). I have protruding humps for cheek bones. I... READ MORE

I had fat transfer to my face, too much fat was put in and face is too round. Can it be removed? (Photo)

I had a fat transfer to my face and way to much fat was put in. I did this 8 months ago. I was filled with so much fat to the middle of my cheeks all... READ MORE

Is it possible to get fat removed from feet?

I have very broad/wide feet. Because of this, I am not able to wear many shoes comfortably. When I do wear shoes such as flats and sandals, my feet... READ MORE

Options for Non-Invasive Removal of Fat Graft to Cheeks?

I hate my cheek fat graft its disgusting and big i would like to remove it, what are some non invasive ways to remove the fat grafting, it seems not... READ MORE

What are Non Invasive Techniques to Remove Fat Transfer on Lips? (photo)

Ten years ago, I had a fat grafting job to enhance lips. Since then my mouth became my nightmare, it looks fake, uneven and swollen. I would rather... READ MORE

Five Years Ago I Had Fat Grafts to Fill Under Eye Area. Can It Be Removed?

The area was over filled, has not dissipated and looks very distorted. READ MORE

Had Fat Transfer to Sunken Cheeks 2 Year Ago. Still Way Too Much Fat?

Can i do steroid injections or liposuction or will tissue be too fibrous now? really so upset for years now how can i remove and get contours of face... READ MORE

Removing Fat Transfer Through Facelift Cuts

I noticed that some Drs on Realself have recommended facelift cuts as a last resort to remove less than desirable results from fat transfer. As most... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Remove the Fat Transfered my Face if I'm Not Happy from the Result?

Hi Dear Doctor,I had fat transfer from my belly to my face last year ,but I am not happy from the result,is it possible to remove it from my face ,I... READ MORE

How to Remove Fat Transfered in the Forehead

Greetings everybody. Please, I want to know how to remove the fat has been transfered into my forehead (because I had an accident). I tried... READ MORE

Removing Lip Fat Nodules Through Excision

I wish to remove my fat graft in my upper lip, which I had done last year. If the fat nodules are removed by making a small incision, will the... READ MORE

Fat Graft Removal on Lower Eyelid and Cheek

I had fat graft done for minor dark circles a week ago. Doctor injected most fat on cheeks instead. He said 60 to 70 % will survive (new technology).... READ MORE

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