Puffy Eyes + Fat Transfer

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Puffy and Hyperpigmented Under Eye Area After Pearl Fat Grafting

I had hollowness in my lower eyes from a Blepharoplasty that was done 1 1/2 yr ago. I went to a few doctors in NYC who said putting fat back in the... READ MORE

Surgical Correction of Puffy Eyes After Pearl Fat Grafting? (photo)

I had Pearl Fat Grafting for hollowness under both eye lids from a Blepharoplasty done 2 years ago. Now, 6 months after pearl grafts, still no change... READ MORE

How to Remove Fat Transfered in the Forehead

Greetings everybody. Please, I want to know how to remove the fat has been transfered into my forehead (because I had an accident). I tried... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Fat Grafting or Transfer to Be Puffy and Hard?

During lipo on my stomach, the Dr. made a small dimple or dip and dedcided to fix it by injecting some fat back into that area. He stated he needed to... READ MORE

Swelling after fat grafting to the face and lips.When will I see me in the mirror?

I am 8 days post surgery, under my eyes are still quite puffy and every color of the rainbow, purple, red, yellow etc, my lips look like duck lips. I... READ MORE

Where would I see final result after facial fat grafting? (photos)

One month after facial fat grafting my cheeks and under eyes still too puffy and my eyes appear smaller..IHATE IT could this improve READ MORE

Had Fat Grafting go wrong so tried to deflate it will Hyaluronic Acid now it looks even worse. What should I do? (photos)

I have fat grafting under my eyes on July 20th. I'm 4months post op. After one month one of my eyes went down and looked regular however the other eye... READ MORE

Fat grafting to face migrates to other areas?

20s, I want volume to forehead and cheeks since it's so flat but i hear about patients where the fat migrates from forehead and down to the eyes... READ MORE

Can I use the radio frequency eye device to massage eye bags to reduce swelling faster?

Hi, i am at day 25 after fat transfer to tear trough. My right side is more bulging than left side, and i still feel a bit tight when smile. My puffy... READ MORE

Can inflammation happen 2 months after Fat Transfer to tear trough?

Hi, my right eye hasnt healed since fat injection 2 months ago. It has a very small lump hidding under the bony part, the tear trough just feel tight... READ MORE

Fat grafting to upper eyelids four weeks ago, is it safe to get another steroid injection? (photo)

I had fat grafting to my upper eyelids four weeks ago and my outer corners are droopy and upper eyelids are still slightly puffy. My doctor gave me... READ MORE

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