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Does Anyone Know a Massage Technique for Lumps Following Facial Fat Transfer?

I had facial fat transfer to forehead, lips, nasiolabial and marionette lines. Most of the lumps are dispersing but I have one above my top lip which... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Massage the Areas Where the Fat Was Transfered

Its been 2 weeks since I had a mini-face lift with a fat transfer to my cheeks and nasolabial folds. Will this cause the fat to move to other areas of... READ MORE

What can I do to fix the dent in my right thigh? (Photo)

In September of last year (2013), roughly nine months ago, I fell onto the ridge of a low dressing table. I fell HARD with a heavy shelf on top of me... READ MORE

Possible to Dissipate Fat Around Mouth After Fat Transfer?

I facial fat injections done three times. I like the results but I don't like the fat injected around the mouth. It looks heavy and makes my mouth... READ MORE

Fat Disappeared?

I had lower eyes done 2 1/2 years ago for slight baggy eyes. Dr. took fat under eyes and put above cheeks (not necessary, in my opinion). 2 weeks ago... READ MORE

After 19 Days Fat Transfer Under Eye? (photo)

Hopefully photo will upload this time. Dr. Tells me to massage it, apply heat, arnica, and that this ugly red lump will go away. He plans on applying... READ MORE

Should you massage lumps from fat transfers as soon as possible or wait to see if they reabsorb on their own?

I had fat graft to my lower eyelid area and to my lips 10 days ago. I have a small bump under one eye and one on my upper lip as well as a hard ridge... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Fat Transfer to Hips- Noticing Asymmetry- Anything I Can Do to Correct?

Three weeks ago, I had fat lipoed from my abdomen then transferred to my hips in order to correct a botched liposuction from 3 years ago. Now that the... READ MORE

I had fat grafts to the hollows of my eye and the nasal folds and cheeks 5 wks ago. Should I massage the lumps under my eyes?

I had fat grafts to the hollows of my eye area and to the nasal folds and cheeks. It has been a month and a week, since my procedure. I have lumps to... READ MORE

How Much Physical Pressure Can Cause Fat Cell Death?

I have been doing massages around the eye area and in the sockets using quite hard firm pressure. I noticed that my eyes seem to have lost some fat... READ MORE

Massage After Upper Eyelid Pearl Fat Grafting?

It has been a week since i had pearl fat grafting for upper eyelid hollowness. right after the surgery my doctor told me not to apply any cold or hot... READ MORE

I am worried about my facial fat graft recovery. Will a soft bump on the cheek kill my fat after 9 days from the surgery date?

Hi. I'm recovering from face fat grafting that I had 10 days ago. The process is going well. I think I'll have a nice result. Last night my husband &... READ MORE

10 days after Fat Grafted to cheeks I have a lump under my right eye, will this go away?

2005 had fat removed from under eyes and look great, liked the results. 10 days ago had fat grafted to cheeks because left cheek was smaller. Dr.... READ MORE

The doctor tells me to massage the brows and they will line out. Isn't working, can puckered can this be fixed? (photo)

Had emergencies for draing, as he shoulda input drains. He said the lumps from the fat will go away, I don't see how they fill like they are... READ MORE

Uneven cheeks 3 weeks post face grafting op. Will massage help? (Photo)

I am 3 weeks post face grafting operation. One of my cheeks is over filled. ..can massage help to reduce the fat ? And is there any other thing I can... READ MORE

Can massaging the skin when applying moisturizer damage fat grafts?

I had facial fat transfer 3 months age to restore lost volume due to age (I am 49) and weight loss. I'm very pleased with my results but I will need... READ MORE

Lump after mid check and tear trough fat transfer. Any suggestions? (photos)

Good Day Everyone. I'm on my 3rd week post op from mid cheek and tear trough fat transfer. I have noticed I just had a 2 long lump on my right tear... READ MORE

Is it possible to dissipate/breakdown fat cells after Fat Transfer by vigorous &heavy massage @ early stages after procedure?

I had facial fat injections done three weeks ago. I don't like the results as the fat was injected at bottom cheeks. It looks heavy and makes my... READ MORE

What can I do to reduce the amount of fat that was put on my cheeks now?

It has been a month now since I had my fat graft, thread lift and eyelids revision. I regret about all of these. My face look terrible now. My cheeks... READ MORE

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