2 Years Post-op + Fat Transfer

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Can Lumps Caused by Fat Transfer Be Corrected After Two Years? (photo)

Hello, I had micro fat transfer performed two years ago to the area under the eyes to improve dark circles (no improvement) and to the laugh lines. I... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Cheeks Makes Undereye Bulge when I Smile- Will The Fat Reabsorb In TIme?

Two years ago, I had fat transferred to my cheeks (also had upper & lower bleph). When I smile, my cheeks push up and make bags under me eyes.... READ MORE

What is Wrong with my Lips? Does It Look Like a Lip Lift Was Done? (photo)

I had a fat transfer surgery to my face done back in 2009 (eyelids, temples, and lips) and after surgery my whole mouth area was too swollen to tell... READ MORE

Excision of Fat Graft Overfill?

I had fat grafting to my cheeks approxmiately 2 years ago which ended up a bad case of overfill. I believe there are 4 ways to handle this situation :... READ MORE

Can anyone help with botched facial fat grafting? Forehead lumpy & hardened areas under eyes post procedure 2 1/2 years. (photo)

Fat was placed in my entire face, which was not what I asked for or wanted. My forehead is now lumpy and I suspect won't improve since I have tried... READ MORE

Can Lumps Two Years After Fat Transfer Be Corrected?

Hello, I had micro fat transfer performed two years ago to the area under the eyes to improve dark circles (no improvement) and to the laugh lines. I... READ MORE

Can 5-fu injections work to reduce the amount of fat/puffiness in the face after 2.5 yr old fat transfer? What are the risks?

Had fat transfer to cheek area 2.5 yrs ago. I wanted to achieve more defined cheek bones. But the doctor did too much & too wide of an area, now my... READ MORE

I have under eye lumps and bags after fat transfer 2 years ago. What do you recommend? (Photo)

I am 62 and the doctor that did the fat transfer is telling me I just need a lower bleph. When I take a Qtip and lift the lower lid skin up it does... READ MORE

Can Fat Be Put Back into an Area on the Outer Thigh?

I had translucent liposuction 2 years ago. I noticed that my thigh appears concave only on my left leg, it appears like too much fat was taken out..... READ MORE

Considering another facial fat grating. Is there an alternative to fat grafting and fillers? (Photo)

I had a facial fat grafting 2 years ago to cheeks and under eye area and had a touch up 6 moths after that .but the under eye area has gone very... READ MORE

Can the Overinflated Grafted Fat Under my Eyes Be Surgically Removed?

I had fat grafting done to my entire midface/under eyes over 2 yrs ago. Too much fat was put in and now I have what appears to be a shelf under my... READ MORE

Is it common to have large blue veins from botched fat transfer? (Photo)

I had an undereye fat transfer 2 yrs ago that hardened into fat lumps and protruding blue veins about a yr after. I consulted with an oculoplastic... READ MORE

Remove lump on cheek after fat transfer for 2 yrs (Photo)

I had a fat transfer surgery 2 yrs before on my cheek and after 4 months there were many hard lump inside my cheek. Now my face looks very round and... READ MORE

Fat transfer to my cheeks. What's the best way to fix them: filler or cheek implant?

I did fat transfer to my cheeks 2 years ago and I notice that I had two different cheeks, I asked many Doctors they kept telling me it's normal to... READ MORE

Options for fat removal in area below orbital rim to nose. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hello. I had fat transfer 2 years ago to the my upper cheeks at my eye bag area and nasal folds and cheek in between. however the surgeon overfilled... READ MORE

What can you do about hollows under eyes made more noticeable after fat grafting to cheeks? (photo)

I am 54 years old. Went to board certified ps for cosultation. He said I had a very thin face and fat transfer would work well to add volume. Had fat... READ MORE

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