2 Weeks Post-op + Fat Transfer

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Two Weeks Post Op Fat Transfer to Face and Lips- When Will Swelling Go Down? (photo)

The Dr. (who I love & did great work before) also performed a neck and mid face lift. Please tell me my face & lips are still swollen! Would... READ MORE

Does Fat Facial Transfer Remain if You Lose or Gain Weight? 15 Days is Enough to Realize the Final Result? (photo)

I did fat facial transfers for my cheeks and lips ,my face was round and swelling ,iam now 15 days after surgery but look so nice and like my face.but... READ MORE

Breast Fat Transfer

I had my first fat transfer to the breasts 2 weeks ago. Is it normal for the breasts to feel tight and lumpy at this point. Do the breasts eventually... READ MORE

Do You Recommend Icing 2 Weeks After Fat Grafting?

Lumps in cheeks after fat grafting (12 days ago). I have been putting ice on them, does this help or hurt? READ MORE

Super Swollen From Fat Grafting 12 Days Ago

12 days ago I had fat grafting to my laught lines upper lip and under eyes also a nose job... I'm super super swollen I look like Joan rivers I... READ MORE

How Long is It Necessary to Sleep with Head Elevated, Post Fat Transfer to Face?

My lower blepharoplasty with fat transfer to tear trough/ lower eye socket and upper cheek pad was done exactly two weeks ago. The eyes are 90% back... READ MORE

Fat Injection to Fix Atrophic Scar on Face Did Not Work Well, What Can I Do?

I have an unilateral atrophic scar on the face due to trauma years ago.I recently undergone liposuction in the ab area to graft fat for injection into... READ MORE

Had Fat Transfer to Sunken Cheeks 2 Year Ago. Still Way Too Much Fat?

Can i do steroid injections or liposuction or will tissue be too fibrous now? really so upset for years now how can i remove and get contours of face... READ MORE

Can I Do Fillers After Fat Injection Under Eye and Lips?

Had full face fat injection about 2 weeks ago but am noticing that areas uder the eyes and lips still dont have enouth volume can i do fillers after... READ MORE

Is There Anything I Can Do to Help my Fat Transfer Procedure to "Take" Post Surgery?

Had fat transfer 2 weeks ago to inner thighs to correct bad lipo and wondered if there was anything I could do to help improve results and make the... READ MORE

Will the Bumpiness Go Away from the Fat Transfer to my Nasolabial Folds?

I had a fat transfer to my nasolabial folds 2 weeks ago. I noticed it felt bumpy after the procedure and was told that this is normal. It still feels... READ MORE

Can Fat Injected in to the Face Start to Disburse As Early As 2 Weeks?

I had fat injected into my face,when the swelling started to go down around 12 days I noticed a crease below my left eye top of cheek, it looks like... READ MORE

Cheeks are still swollen after two weeks after fat transfer. Is this normal? (photo)

I look like a chipmunk. I'm wondering what can I do to help them go down? I'm afraid they're going to stay this way READ MORE

2 weeks post op Fat Grafting, my face is asymmetrical. How do I fix my asymmetry? (photo)

I had fat grafting three weeks ago, but i am asymmetrical (it has bn the same degree of asymmetry since day one just on a smaller scale). i wanted to... READ MORE

Will the Firm Areas After Labia Fat Transfer Improve over Time?

I read a few posts saying that with fat transfer, sometimes the fat dies and leaves hard lumpy areas! i had labiaplasty with fat transfer done 2 weeks... READ MORE

Hard Baseball-like Fat 8 Days Post Op

As soon as I came home from the hospital I had a hard ball of fat in each butt cheek. It's still there and I'm 8 days post op. Could this be necrosis... READ MORE

I had a bad Fat Graft while overseas. My cheeks are sagging & lips are uneven. Was too much fat used? (photos)

I'm 25yo female. I did a fat graft to my face 15 days ago (2 wks out post surgery) on the forehead, temple, front cheeks, chin, and lips and now I am... READ MORE

So I Had Fat Transfers Under Eyes for Hollows 12 Days Ago?

This is me with a bit of concealer today. Should I do something about the lumps asap or wait? Now my right eye looks more closed! READ MORE

Is fat transfer to glabellar region appropriate? (Photo)

Had a facial fat transfer about 2 weeks ago. My surgeon injected fat between my brows. Most of the obvious swelling in the rest of my face has gone... READ MORE

Can I Use Sauna or Steam Room After Facial Fat Transfer? Will That Decrease the Fat Survival Rate?

I am post op 2 wks after facial fat transfer. However, prob not even 20% fat survived. I used to use sauna or steam room frequently and wondering will... READ MORE

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