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Is the Position of Earlobes Changed After Face and Neck Lift?

I had a face & neck lift in August 2010. The position of my earlobes has changed. I cannot wear my earrings because my right ear peirce is further... READ MORE

What Is This Lump On My Neck After Facelift?

I had full face and eyelid lift surgery 7 months ago and was happy. 3 wks ago when I touched my neck found a little lump like a small pimple a bit... READ MORE

Puffiness, Lumpiness & Tightness 8 months after full face & eyes lift surgery

- Is there any special medicine I can take or treatment at home I can do, to reduce the rest of puffiness, lumpiness and tightness on the... READ MORE

Tightness Around Ears 8 Months After Facelift & Eye Lift

I called my Surgeon this morn, bcause feeling so tight @ the front/behind my ears. He said, bcause the scar inside & Winter time in Aust. He... READ MORE

Seroma and Keloid after facelift, any advice?

Hi I had a macs facelift 8 months ago. I developed a seroma after surgery. I spoke to my surgeon various times regarding the lump but he did nothing... READ MORE

Face gets very red after surgery, could this be healing?

Had a mid face lift 8 months ago. Use retin .05 everynight and have for years. Use cetaphyl with sunscreen for moisturizer. 4 or 5 times a week lower... READ MORE

Will a Skin Pinch Above the Cheek Leave a Visible Scar?

I had an endeoscopic mid face lift done 8 months ago and although I'm more than happy with the result, it has left me with slight bunching between... READ MORE

8 months post op, my Malar Bags returned. What treatment would you recommend?

Hi I have had surgery 8 months ago to address malar bags. I am 47 years old , I had a lower and midline face lift and prior to this surgery a lower... READ MORE

Can Anchor Sutures Be Removed at 8 Mo?

Can I have dissolvable sutures behind ears removed if causing tightness after 8 mo? I am tired of the banding affect I am feeling. READ MORE

After 8 Months, Should my Outerlid Corners Be Webbed, Pulling and Puffy?

I had a face lift with an upper and lower eyelift eight months ago. The outside under corners of both eye are still puffy. Worse, they are webbed. The... READ MORE

I have excess skin when I smile between my cheekbones and eyes from my facelift. Can this be fixed? (Photo)

I had a facelift, neck lift, excess skin removed from lower eyes and rhinoplasty in Nov 2013 (no brow lift). I have to where my glasses just to hid... READ MORE

Can Zygomatic Arch Erosion Occur After an Endoscopic Midface Lift?

A midface lift 8 mo ago caused long term (> 6 mo) swelling of the left temple and cheek followed by wasting of the deep temporal fat pad and the... READ MORE

Suggestions for more reasonably priced aftercare applications?

Its been 8 months since my face/neck lift. I'm very satisfied with the results however, the Esthetician suggest that I continue to use her recommended... READ MORE

I had a face/neck lift 8 months ago, and am seeking second opinions on the results of the necklift? (Photos)

6/2/17 update: first three photos were taken before, last three photos were taken after.  READ MORE

Will Acupuncture and Laser Light Therapy Help Me?

I have tried an acupuncurist twice and didn't feel any relief. He wants to try low level laser therapy and wants me to purchase an inexpensive laser... READ MORE

8 months post face and neck lift, not happy (Photo)

I had a face and neck lift 8 months ago. My neck is starting to sag where the platysma bands are. I don't work out and I'm not dieting I'm 8 stone. My... READ MORE

Post-op full facelift and upper eyelid surgery (Photo)

I am about 8 months out of full facelift surgery, 5 months out of upper eyelid surgery which was done as second step in my case. Right eye is still... READ MORE

Is there a way to devolumize my upper midface after a midface lift? (photos)

I had a midface lift which I think was overdone and has now caused my midface to be abnormally wide, making me look disproportionate. There is also.a... READ MORE

I still have roping under neck after 8 months after facelift, what can I do?

I had face lift chin eyes, face Halloween oct 2014. 8 months later still have huge roping. my doc has injected with steroids a few times. he even... READ MORE

What's causing this? It came up 5 days post suture removal from my facelift procedure. After 8 months, it persists (Photos)

I was treated with 4 different antibiotics over one month and it still persists- no fluid around the area-the doc thinks its the blood vessels- but... READ MORE

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