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A revision facelift (sometimes called a secondary facelift) is performed to correct complications from a previous facelift, or problems that have developed due to aging and sun damage since the original procedure. The most common reasons people request a revision facelift include sagging neck, hollow eyes, flat cheeks, low eyebrows, and distorted earlobes.

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Facelift Revision - Randolph, NJ

I had a successful facelift 20 yrs ago. In 2013 I had another facelift preformed by a different plastic surgeon which was not successful. The skin was not tight enough and one side had moreskin laxity than the other. He said he would do a revision but if I was considering having an upper and... READ MORE

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall....

Hi! I am posting this review to introduce my doctor and his work and to hopefully help others make better decisions. RealSelf members share photos of procedures and the doctors who did the work. RealSelf is actually how I found my doctor. His name is Dr. Athre (pronounced 'aw tray'). Dr Athre is... READ MORE

Facelift revision with neck lift

I am 57 years old and had a short scar facelift with upper bleph 6 months ago with a doctor in Morgantown, WV. Trust me--he did not live up to his reputation. He was way too conservative and the final result was a neck that was just as saggy as before surgery and a face with barely any... READ MORE

Facelift revision with neck lift

I am 57 years old and had a short scar facelift with upper bleph 6 months ago with a doctor in Morgantown, WV. Trust me--he did not live up to his reputation. He was way too conservative and the final result was a neck that was just as saggy as before surgery and a face with barely any... READ MORE

6 Months out Well Worth It - Santa Rosa, CA

Dr. Chernoff did a great job and his staff is amazing. I just came back to do the second part a CO2 laser with PRP. More on that in a second. After 6 months things are really nice I was even questioned about my age and next month am 67. The neck is wonderful and after all am happy I had the... READ MORE

Mini Facelift, Facelift Re Tightening Plus Scar Revision

Today I revised my mini/full facelift. Today my surgery consisted of having liposuction done to both jowl areas left and right. Tightening to only the left side (do to my face being asymmetrical from my last facelift) Scar revision for a very bad scar with a lot of scar tissue behind my left... READ MORE

The Man Truly is an Artist.

From the first moment I locked eyes with this doc, I felt I was in great hands. He's absolutely wonderful . I had, four years ago, a very bad facelift by an unpracticed young doctor. Had three revisions three years ago, under local. Have been through minor heck. (all character building !:-)) And... READ MORE

Dr. Cory Lawler Gave Me Back my Youth!

I'm a 60 yo man. I weno through a very painful divorce when my wife of 35 years left me for another man. I suddenly found myself old, lonely and depressed. Then I decide to get myself back in the world. I started exercising and pursuing all the things that I use to love. But I decided to take... READ MORE

Happy with My Facelift Results by Dr Spies

Dr Spies does natural looking procedures-no Joan Rivers done there. He did a facelift and a revision of a previous facelift from a Plastic Surgeon who left large scars on my neck and now they are not visible. Another thing that was exceptional of him and his staff was on the day of the... READ MORE

64 Years Old Second Facelift - Exeter, GB

I had a facelift in my early 40's which was great, but now 24 years on I have been finding myself doing a double take when I look in the mirror as my sagging face doesn't feel like 'me',so reckoned it was time to think about having the procedure again. My surgeon gave me a lot of confidence, but... READ MORE

Revisons from Original Lift a Year Ago. - Nashville, TN

If you followed my original facelift review, you saw I had a few tweaks that I was not happy with - but for the most part it was great! You would have also known I had a rather painful recovery. Anyway, Dr. Moore fixedme up yesterday, and appears to have went well. Not near as bad as the... READ MORE

Turkey Neck Review. London, GB

I contacted Dominic Bray of Harley Street who concentrates solely on facial surgery, as far as I know. I was unhappy with the upper part of my turkey neck and after reading reviews of his patients, I had a consultation with him a few months ago to find out whether it was possible for him to... READ MORE

Thanks. Calgary, AB

I am celebrating Thanksgiving in many ways. October 22nd will be my 3rd month anniversary from having surgery. Was it worth it - absolutely. I am 50 years old and I have always noticed that I looked a lot older than I was. I was not happy with the extra turkey neck (pardon the pun) nor the... READ MORE

Looking Bad for 14 Yrs is Hard - Vero Beach, FL

My lift was more repair of a bad one done 14yrs ago. Much more than lift. Eyes, fat graft, etc. For 14 yrs I never saw a pic of me I liked. My face was uneven and full of what looked like dents, dimples, and ripples. The first couple months after my original surgery, I would see people... READ MORE

Your Doctor Needs to Be Skilled in TODAY'S Procedures like Dr. Mark Prysi in Naples, FL,

I have posted reviews a while ago after I had a facelift in 2012 that left me with a lump of skin under my chin. Had a re-do in 2013 and the lumps and bumps were still there but banding was added. I went to many surgeons in fort myers/naples and all said not to open my neck again thou my... READ MORE

Devastating Facelift by Dr. Robert Guyette and Revision - Avondale, AZ

I was 52 years old looking for a refreshed appearance to keep me in the work force longer, and to have the redundant skin and dark circles around my eyes improved. A SMAS, upper and lower lid blepharoplasty, laser skin resurfacing around the eyes, and liposuction under the chin was performed in... READ MORE

Thirteen Years Later I Still Look Fabulous! - Laguna, CA

Dr. Montegut assisted in my first face lift in NYC in 1993. Ten years later I flew to California for my second lift. He had been studying with extremely proficient plastic surgeons over the years and it really paid off for me. I had a face and coronal brow lift. I had minimal swelling, no... READ MORE

Marc Pacifico Facelift Revision and Necklift - Royal Tunbridge Wells, GB

I had my first facelift far too early about 10 years ago and so as my face began to age naturally, the old scars around and behind my ears stretched to a point where they were so wide I couldn't wear my hair off of my face. My earlobes stretched so much that they blended into the sides of my... READ MORE

68 YO for Fl and Lip Lift. League City, TX

I am writing this because of how much I appreciate the stories of the journeys of the other RS ladies. I am very nervous but going in this Friday for a face/neck lift, fat transfer, and lip lift. I had a previous facelift and upper bleph and peel about 10 years ago and I was thrilled with it... READ MORE

Revision Facelift, 16 Month Post Op. :-( a Lot of Research, I Found a Great All Around Ps - Henderson, NV

At 61 years old my face started to get lax with heavy jowls making me look unhappy. The look actually did influence how I felt. Research and thinking, thinking, thinking. Finally got the nerve up to talk it over with my husband. He gave me full support but didn't see what I was seeing. I got the... READ MORE

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