Eyelid Surgery Videos

This Is How an Asian Eyelid Crease is Formed in the Operating Room

Dr. Philip Young explains on his patient how he plans to create the desired double eyelid fold using the patient's exposed anatomy. VIEW NOW

Asian Eyelid Surgery Done Too Young — Can It Be Reversed?

Dr. Amiya Prasad details the specialized surgeries involved in reconstructing eyelids that were pulled down from surgery performed at a very young age. VIEW NOW

Eyelids Pulled Too Tight and Other Complications of Ptosis Surgery

Dr. Amiya Prasad discusses the risks of eyelid ptosis correction surgery, including risks specific to ptosis surgery and risks of surgery in general. VIEW NOW

Men Want To Look Younger, Too! These Are Their Biggest Concerns

Hey guys, we didn't forget about you! Dr. Stephen Prendiville reveals what more and more men are doing about their aging faces. VIEW NOW

Tired Eyes? Stop Drinking and Get More Sleep BEFORE Thinking About Surgery

Dr. Amiya Prasad discusses the causes of tired-looking eyes in a younger person, changes in lifestyle and non-surgical treatments to improve them, and why diagnosis is important before committing to surgery. VIEW NOW

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Your Contact Lenses Could Be the Cause of Your Droopy Eyelids

If you wear contact lenses, listen up! Dr. Mehryar Taban explains how your contacts could be the cause of your droopy eyelids. VIEW NOW

How Fat Transfer Can Enhance the Result of Your Eyelid Surgery

Dr. Trevor Born explains that while eyelid surgery can correct one problem, an approach that involves fat transfer to the area around the eyes can really enhance the result. VIEW NOW

What's the Best Treatment For Under Eye Hollows?

Dr. Amiya Prasad discusses various treatments that address under eye issues such as puffy bags and discoloration. He also provides a word of warning against doctors who suggest doing too much at one time. VIEW NOW

Are Scars Going to Be Visible After Eyelid Surgery?

Dr. Daniel Shapiro notes than while each surgical procedure does result in a scar, certain procedures allow for imperceptible scars. VIEW NOW

Facial Surgery Post-Op Expectations: Recovery Time and Minor DIscomforts

Dr. Paul Nassif describes what it's like to recovery from different facial surgeries, be it a full facelift or an eyelid lift. He notes varying recovery times as well as common discomforts some patients have reported. VIEW NOW

How to Rejuvenate Tired Looking Eyes

Doctor Ramona Behshad covers various treatment options to rejuvenate tired looking eyes. VIEW NOW

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Tired Eyes Can Be Treated With a Variety of Procedural Options

Dr. Stephen Prendiville discusses the surgical and non-surgical options available to patients with "tired eye" concerns. VIEW NOW

Canthoplasty Corrects Droopy Eyes

Canthoplasty is an option to consumers looking to widen the lids around the eye or reduce a sagging outer eye or lid that may have given the appearance of being tired or added years to the face. VIEW NOW

Are Men Becoming More Interested in Aesthetic Treatments?

Dr. Grant Stevens explores the reality of more men opting for both surgical and non-surgical procedures and treatments and the reasoning behind it. VIEW NOW

Fat Grafting for the Upper Eyelid — The Doctor Answers Your Common Questions

Dr. Michael Law addresses the top common questions received about fat grafting for the upper eyelid area. VIEW NOW

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