Scar Revision + Eyelid Surgery

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3 Months After Upper Blepharoplasty, Scars R Irritated and Red, Oc - What is the Best Cream, Treatment? (photo)

3 months after upper blepharoplasty, scars are irritated and red, occasionally when squint - hurts a little. recently started itching..Problem is the... READ MORE

is a secondary procedure reasonable for upper bleph eyelid surgery scars?

I am 1 year post op from upper bleph surgery. My surgeon used laser with undisolvable sutures. I have devekoped wide white scars within the eyelid... READ MORE

Double Eyelid Surgery Scar Revision? (photo)

I had my double eyelid done at few years before by cutting method. But everyone still can see an uneven scar on my eyelid when i close my eye or... READ MORE

Would Revision Improve my Upper Blepharoplasty Scar? (photo)

Hi, I had blepharoplasty done to my upper eyelids two years ago and still have scars (white lines) like the third example (right hand side) in the... READ MORE

Will These Ugly Scars Go Away? (photo)

I am a 40 year old BF who had upper & lower transcutaneous blepharoplasty 4 wks ago and I am dissatisfied with the results. I am responsibility... READ MORE

Will Laser Help with Scarring from an Upper Bleph Two Years Ago?

Incision lines for my upper bleph were not placed in the natural crease of my eyes. My revision doctor had just enough skin to redo my upper eyelids... READ MORE

How to Treat Scars from Removal of Asian Epicanthal Fold?

If I get a scar revision, is it possible to remove more of the fold? Thanks for your time, Solange READ MORE

Thickened raised eyelid incision scar after 4th revision. Will I need a scar revision in the future? (Photo)

It's going on three months that I had ptosis revision for the fourth time. My incision scar is still thick and raised. Will I need a scar revision in... READ MORE

Bad scarring. Do you think it will go away? Will I need a scar revision? (Photo)

Its been almost a month since my double eyelid surgery. I feel like my scars are very very bad. Do you think it will go away? Will I need scar revision? READ MORE

What's the best treatment for cantophexy "crowsfeet" scars? Are Kelocote or Dermatix effective? Do i need scar revision? (photo)

What's the best option for treatment of scars caused by bilateral canthopexy. these look like long lines along the lower eyelids, similar to crowsfeet... READ MORE

When can laser be used for upper bleph cosmetic surgery scars? What type of laser is best?

I am 3 weeks post op with visible scars that extend to my eyebrow. I want to know when I can begin laser treatments. What type of laser and how many... READ MORE

Lower blepharoplasty scar revision (Photo)

8 months since transcutanous lower plebharoplasty have done. The scars placed far away from eye lashes bilaterally. The right scar contains redundant... READ MORE

Need revision for white scars 1 1/2 years after blepharoplasty (Photo)

I have these visible white scars after I had bleph done by a reputable ocular surgeon it is now a year and a half later post surgery. The Dr. has... READ MORE

Very visible scars after upper eyelid surgery-scar revision? (Photo)

I recently posted a question asking if I had a "dog ear" on the ends of my upper eyelid scars. Thank you for the responses. I am showing the scars on... READ MORE

4 weeks post upper blepharoplasty. How soon can outer eyelid scar be revised?

4 weeks post upper blepharoplasty. Healing Omar except stitches came out early on weekend after 4 days on one outer eyelid. It looks like corner lower... READ MORE

Scar revision after lower eyelid canthopexy. Can it be done now or do I have to wait?

I had canthopexy for my lower eyelid7 month ago and in my lift eye there is scar line which is visible I would like to do scar revition but Iam not... READ MORE

Eyelid pulls upwards after blepharoplasty revision. Blepharoplasty was 8 weeks ago. Scar revision was 2 weeks ago? (Photos)

8 weeks ago I got blepharoplasty and co2 fraxel laser. There was too much skin left after the blepharoplasty and at the 6 week check-up I had him trim... READ MORE

How to have revision after fat removal under eyes without surgery? And how to remove surgery scars? (Photo)

I had a lower bleph 3 years ago in Korea. My problem was dark circles and hollow eyes. The counselor suggested fat removal. I met doc just before the... READ MORE

3 months post upper eyelid surgery very bad scar, how can I fix this?

I had upper eyelid surgery 3 months ago and it has not healed good at all, specifically on the left eye. Its kinda deep and very visible as you can... READ MORE

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