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I Done Frontalis Sling Surgery on my Right Eye 3 Years Ago. I Cant Blink on That Eye?

So can i undo the surgery, so i can blink. that eyes feels heavy at times. i was thinknig can i undo the sling surgery and do the normal ptosis... READ MORE

My 4 Yr Old Had Frontalis Fascia Lata Sling Procedure and Want It Reversed

My 4yr old son had ptosis in the right eye (3-4mm). The levator muscle was weak but most of the time people couldn't even notice the ptosis. We... READ MORE

Can a Drill Hole Canthoplasty Be Revised or Reversed?

I had a drill hole canthoplasty with spacers due to 2 previous eyelid surgeries and deformed lateral angles. This surgery was by far the most... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty Revision for Uneven Result

I had 2 blepharoplasties 3 yrs ago. The first was done on both eyes. The L eye was perfectly fine, but the R eye failed to form the crease, so a... READ MORE

Can Double Eyelids Be Unfolded?

I've a bad double eyelids done by laser method and bad scarring too one side eye higher & left eye corner over laser causing extra fold, eyes... READ MORE

Can lateral canthoplasty be reversed?

I had lateral canthoplasty as part of a midface lift in April 2015. I've been left with persistent chemosis and my eyes are smaller. It was done... READ MORE

Can upper bleph ever be reversed/undone? And if something can be done, isn't sooner better than later before it has settled in?

I had upper eyelids done 2 weeks ago for hooded eyes, just skin. I knew right after & for sure can see now that it was huge mistake to do this.... READ MORE

I'm 2 years post op, and I'm not happy with my results. Can they be reversed? (Photo)

Can my eyes can be fix? The left eyes is pull down. I want my eyes back to almond shaped. Is this possible? Thank you READ MORE

What can be done to help the fold of my eyes return?

My Dr cut too much skin on my upper eyes lid. Now change from attractive to unattractive. My eyes lid very high, looking very hard, not softy. Can... READ MORE

Why is my eyelid uneven, and almost back to its original size after upper blepharoplasty?

I had my upper blepharoplasty done roughly 5 months ago. My concern is that one of my eyes seems to have healed back to its original height/shape. Why... READ MORE

Can I get free eyelid reversal

I saved for yrs to get a face lift and upper eye lids done, the Dr took off everything on my eyes , my beautiful bedroom eyes now look hollow , wide... READ MORE

Is it possible to reverse levator advancement surgery by putting the levator muscle back in its original place?

Adult. Have mild ptosis, MRD 1-2mm one eye. Had first congenital ptosis surgery levator advancement of 1mm a year ago. Surgery failed, eyelid height... READ MORE

After ptosis surgery, I still have one large eye. Can it be reversed? (Photo)

DR.RECENTLY have undergone ptosis surgery but after surgery when i look down ma operated eye is looking very big and it's really awkward so can any... READ MORE

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