Discoloration + Eyelid Surgery

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Puffiness and Discoloration Under Eyes After Eyelid Surgery

I had upper and lower eyelid surgery to make me look more awake and less tired, remove loose skin, and open up my eyes. After surgery, I thought I... READ MORE

Eye Lid Discoloration, Chemosis Normal 1 Month After Transcutaneous Blepharoplasty With Canthoplasty?

One month after transcutaneous lower eye lid surgery with canthoplasty I have severe chemosis (started 10 days after procedure) as well as a dark... READ MORE

3 Months Post Eyelid Surgery: Left with Bad Vision and Discoloration

I had a smas facelift,neck lift and lower lids done, middle of feb 2011.my one lid is and lopsided hanging and the other one is rolled out and hanging... READ MORE

8 Months After Upper Eyelid Surgery

I had upper eyelids surgery to correct Peripheral vision in Dec 2009. My left eye is great but my right eye is discolored and swells constantly. While... READ MORE

Suggestions on How to Improve Lower Bleph Results? (photo)

Two years post lower bleph surgery. Hollowness, sunken in, darkness and discoloration(upper and lower), dents, wrinkling and crepiness when I smile.... READ MORE

Brownish Yellow Colored Skin Around my Eyes? (photo)

I am not the only one in my family to have this problem. My older sister has it too. It doesn't resemble what typical dark circles around the eyes... READ MORE

I Had Eye Lid Surgery over 2 Months Ago and the Eye Lids Are Still Discolored and Bumpy. Should I Still Expect Positive Changes?

I Had Eye Lid Surgery over 2 Months Ago and the Eye Lids Are Still Discolored and Bumpy. Should I Still Expect Positive Changes? READ MORE

29 yr old female considering lower eyelid blepharoplasty. Am I a candidate? Is there an alternative/superior solution? (photos)

I have significant under eye puffiness/bags/creases/discoloration. I inherited these unfortunate physical traits, they have been present since birth.... READ MORE

I Had Eyelid Surgery 3 Mths Ago and my Eyelids Are Still Discolored and Has Small Bumps, is This Normal with Darker Skin?

I Had Eyelid Surgery 3 Mths Ago and my Eyelids Are Still Discolored and Has Small Bumps, is This Normal with Darker Skin? READ MORE

7 weeks post lower/upper bleph, still swollen and discolored under eyes. (photos)

7 weeks ago I had an upper/lower bleph with fat repositioning and a 20% tca chemical peel under my eyes. I still have swelling and brown discoloration... READ MORE

9 Weeks After Lower Bleph, Still Hard Swelling with Pain Under Right Eye?

I am almost 9 weeks post op. I still have severe swelling and a pinching like pain of the skin under my right eye. The swelling just wont subside. My... READ MORE

Under eye bags, hollow and discoloration. What is my best option? Lower Bleph, filler or fat transfer? (photos)

I am 37, my under eyes were always bad and of course they are getting worse with age. Makeup does nothing to help improve their appearance. I am not... READ MORE

Putterman procedure and upper and lower bleph with laser gone wrong. Can it be fixed at all? (photos)

It's been nine months since a Putterman procedure and an upper and lower bleph. I have an extra crease in one eyelid and the scarring is ragged on my... READ MORE

I had upper and lower bleph 2.5 months ago. Will this scar fill in? (Photo)

I'm sure the discoloration will fade, but the raised scars turn into a 1/2" thin depression that follows the scar line past my right lids. It's a bit... READ MORE

Would an upper and lower eyelid lift really make a difference? (photos)

It has been recommended to me by two plastic surgeons that I have both an upper and lower eyelid lift. I have some concerns. If I do it now, will it... READ MORE

Small discolored light spot appeared 3 days post steroid injection post upper blepharoplasty incision- will this resolve?(photo)

4 months post upper blepharoplasty..healing slowly due to history of underlying autoimmune disease. Had bumps form after resuturing of dehiscence that... READ MORE

I had upper and lower Blepharphasty with a pinch; I am 8 weeks out of surgery. skin is discoloured? (Photos)

My issues are as follows, I have an almond shaped eye and the left one is round. My eyelid is rolling away from my eye I also have an L shaped bag of... READ MORE

I'm thinking about getting blepharoplasty surgery - should I do it before or after chemical peel and dermal fillers? (Photo)

IM Wanna get blepharoplasty surgery and dermal fillers.....AND Also a chemical peel for skin discoloration......WHICH Order should i go in.....HERE Is... READ MORE

Would lower eye lid surgery make me look more awake and take away the discoloration? I have non allergic rhinitis (Photo)

I'm 31 with non allergic rhinitis. I understand the discoloration is most likely hereditary. I have high cheek bones and I'm sure my upper brow causes... READ MORE

Suggestions for these under eye discolorations? (Photo)

My last post had comments that I was healing. I saw the surgeon who performed the upper and lower bleph. He says I'm doing fine. I am 4 days from... READ MORE

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