Dents + Eyelid Surgery

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How do I get rid of the dent in my forehead? (between my eyebrows) (photos)

I have gotten botox in there before but do you think if I got double eyelid surgery it would make me use that muscle less? READ MORE

I Have Dent Under My Eyes, What Are My Surgical Options

The dents are about 2-3 inches under my eye, if i pull it with my fingers it dissapears, is it possible to do this in surgery? Will it work and remove... READ MORE

Suggestions on How to Improve Lower Bleph Results? (photo)

Two years post lower bleph surgery. Hollowness, sunken in, darkness and discoloration(upper and lower), dents, wrinkling and crepiness when I smile.... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for dents on the side of my eyes after lower eyelid surgery with canthopexy? (photos)

I'm in my mid-60's and had my surgery about 9 months ago. I see some asymmetry between the two eyes and while I did not have that prior to my surgery,... READ MORE

Will This Go Away? Upper and Lower Bleph with Fat Graft 2 Weeks Ago?

Hi. Any advise or answers would be greatly appreciated. I'm worried sick about this. I have what I would call puckering and a small dent by the... READ MORE

Appearance of dent on outer side of right eye after, Face lift plus upper & lower eye surgery, less than a year ago. (photo)

I have noticed the appearance of a considerable size dent on the outer side of my right eye less than a year after my face lift and upper and lower... READ MORE

Under Eye Wrinkles and Dent Under Left Eye. Laser Resurfacing, Now Obagi, Is This All Okay? (photo)

I have had two bleph surgery, two under eye skin pinches, and two urbium laser resurfacing treatments after each skin pinch. Currently using Obagi... READ MORE

Is this Ptosis, and can it be fixed? (photos)

My left eyelid has been this way since birth, but certainly seems to be looking worse as I get older. Since neither of my parents nor any of my... READ MORE

How do you repair a slight dent or line under your eyes after blepharoplasty? (Photo)

I had my lower eyes done about a year and a half ago. I have a slight line/dent under each eye. What can be done besides asking my surgeon because he... READ MORE

5 months post op, I have lots of dents and scarring. Can this be fixed and how? (photos)

I am now 5 months post op Bil upper and lower bleph's with direct brow lift. I look awful, lots of dents and scarring. Can this mess be fixed? And if... READ MORE

I have a dent on my eyelid, anyway to remove? (photos)

For over a year i had a huge stye on top eyelid, got it sergically removed and now want to remove the dent in my skin. It looks like a hole,... READ MORE

Tear Trough Grooves/dents?

I am 32 years old I had restylane fillers for diagonal sleeps lines superficially injected 6 months ago. A few nodules have remained but I now have... READ MORE

I have a scar on the outer edge of my eye with a flap, a gathering and a prominent dent below. Can it be fixed? (Photo)

After eyelid recession, canthoplasty- lateral & tarsorrhaphy right eye 12 weeks ago it's left a scar with a flap which pulls up causing a dint below,... READ MORE

Will my dents under my lower eyes caused by mistake go away naturally?

A year and a half ago I had upper and under eye surgery done and was happy with the results. A little while ago i went swimming using goggles that... READ MORE

What type of surgery do I need? (Photo)

Hi I really want surgery on my upper and Lower eyelids, but I also have one eyebrow higher than the other. My nose has a dent in the nostril and also... READ MORE

16 weeks post revision bletheroplasty and still pleats and dents. What are my options? (photos)

My ps keeps saying to wait and that my result is good. I am not happy with both outer side scars of my eyes. What options do i have to fix this? What... READ MORE

Does a revision surgery possibly change the uneven eye size and big dent under the right eye? (Photo)

I had both upper and lower eyelids surgery in 2015. However the results are unsatisfactory. I would like to have a revision surgery, but worry about... READ MORE

Is there any procedure to hide excessively visible tear ducts and dents under eyes? (Photo)

Im 21 and I have tried everything. It is genetic. Wondering about debt under one eye and reshaping inner eye corner to look more generic as apposed to... READ MORE

Botched double eyelid surgery - r there non-surgery method to alleviate my poor eyelid conditions? (photos)

I had my double eyelid surgery 10 yrs ago & result is very poor: deep, dented & uneven incision lines. Eyes looks weird while blinking & half opened &... READ MORE

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