Almond Eyes + Eyelid Surgery

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Is There a Procedure to Make Eyes More Almond Shape?

Is there a procedure than can make the eyes look more almondy? I know of eyelifts but say you are in your early 20s and wish to have more almond-like... READ MORE

How to Get Almond Eyes Naturally?

Weird question I know. first Im to young for botox or any eye surgery. So I was wondering if there was an all natural way to do what I desire. I have... READ MORE

Slanted Almond Shaped Eyes (Caucasian) - Can This Be Fixed?

Hi, I am a 30 year old caucasion woman and am very insecure with the shape of my eyes. I've been made fun of in school as a child and people still... READ MORE

Can I Change My Round Eyes To Almond Shaped Eyes? (photo)

I have round eyes however i want to change them into almond shaped eyes. I want to raise the inner corner of my eyes down and the outer parts up. Is... READ MORE

Can I Get Almond Shaped Eyes Without Having Surgery?

Hello. I have big, rounded eyes. I always wanted to have almond shaped eyes. The outer corner to be slightly slanted upwards. Is it possible to... READ MORE

Is There Any Way to Make Eyes Wider? (photo)

I have a thin almond eye. I'd prefer to remain a thin almond shaped eye but I want to know if I can widen my eyes, so that they can fit my face. If... READ MORE

Can I Make my Eyes More Almond Shaped After Upper Blepharoplasty Has Made Them a Bit Too Round? (photo)

I had upper bleph a year ago. I am happy with one eye,but the other one has a bit of a 'rounded look' that also kind of droops down at the outer... READ MORE

Almond eye surgery for downturned eyes small eyes? Please help (Photo)

My eyes are downturned on the top lid, short in width,small&have no visible tearduct.What can help me fix them,to be slightly more slanted up, a... READ MORE

Would an Almond Eye Surgery Help Me Look More Feminine? (photo)

I am 170lbs. I was 240lbs and Im still working on losing more. With losing weight my face thinning would help. I feel like my face lacks any features... READ MORE

What's the Procedure of the Surgery to Get Almond Shaped Eyes? (photo)

I am Caucasian, I have epicanthal folds and I would like to have almond shaped eyes. Above all, I'd like to have sharper inner conners. Could you... READ MORE

I have round eyes & I would like to have almond shaped eyes. Can I change my eye shape? (photo)

As you can see in the photo below there is a peice of skin in the corners, that are turned down, and at outer area of her eyes is turned up... READ MORE

Can I Change my Almond Shaped Eyes to a More Down Turned Look?

Is there a procedure in which I can change my almond shaped eyes to a more slightly down turned look? If so, what is the name of the procedure? Thank you. READ MORE

How Can I Get an Almond Shaped Asian Eye? (photo)

The last time I asked the same question but the doctors didn't understand what I meant, maybe I didn't explain clearly what I wanted. I am... READ MORE

How can I change the shape of my eyes? (Photo)

My eyes turn downwards in the corner which I'm really unhappy with is there anyway i can change them to make them more slanted upwards and almond shaped? READ MORE

Eye Cosmetic Surgeons--How Can I Achieve Almond Shaped, Exotic Eyes? Aesthetic Not Functional Reasons. (photo)

Hello everyone, I've never had a facial procedure and do not suffer from any serious abnormalities that I'm aware of, however I desire a more almond... READ MORE

Would Like Almond Shaped Eyes, Are there Any Procedure Options for Me? (photo)

Hello. My eyes are slanted and I would like more almond shaped eyes. Are there any procedures that can help me achieve this with natural looking results? READ MORE

Revision Needed After Ectropian Surgery

I had revision work for an ectropian about 10 years ago. He did it partly through a cheek lift, put fat back under my eyes and did something with the... READ MORE

Is it possible to have surgery to make downturned eyes more upturned? (Photo)

I'va always hated my downturned droopy eyes because they always make me look tired, sleepy and bored. Is there a surgery to make them more upturned or... READ MORE

Horizontal Enlargement of Eyes? (photo)

In my specific case, how can I horizontally enlarge my eyes in order to achieve an almond shape ? I have read a lot, a lot, a lot on this topic and am... READ MORE

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