4 Days Post-op + Eyelid Surgery

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Open Wounds on Eye Corners After Blepharoplasty

I had blepharoplasty four days ago. My doctor decided to take the stitches out two days after the surgery. It was a bit aggressive, as some skin had... READ MORE

Unilateral Ptosis Repair? (photo)

Hi there Last thursday, I had "Unilateral Ptosis repair" done on my left eye as it was slightly drooping. The surgeon didnt cut my eye like... READ MORE

Normal To Have Bruising Under my Eyes on Top of Cheekbones Following Upper Eyelid Surgery?

I am only 4 days post op and was told i would have bruising but wonder why I have so much bruising under my eyes just above my cheekbones when the... READ MORE

I Had Upper Eyelid Surgery 4 Days Ago and There Has Been Swelling by my Cheekbones...is This Normal?

How long will it take to go away? It's making my face look like my cheekbones are sunken in. READ MORE

Dissolvable stitch poking out of crease (Photo)

The photo is blurry but it is the white dot on the crease line (near beginning of eye). It has been 4 days since my upper blepharoplasty operation and... READ MORE

Why is my left eye so much more swollen & bruised than my right eye, making both eyes look uneven? I am 4 days post op.

My eyes look so obviously uneven, even though it is so soon after surgery. My right eye looks like what I would call 'normal' but my left is awful.... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Surgery Infection 4 Days Post Op?

I had bilateral blepharoplasty done 4 days ago and developed an infection 2 days post op. The new antibiotics are working...thank God. I get the... READ MORE

Repeated Eye Movement After Blepharoplasty

Can moving your eyes repeatedly (looking up in the mirror to examine the incisions) on day 4 after upper eyelid surgery have a negative effect on the... READ MORE

4 day post op of Blepharoplasty, I don't have a crease formed and worried there will be a scar. Will this get better? (photos)

I'm 4 days after upper blepharoplasty and a lot of the swelling went down, but I don't have a crease formed and the incision seems to be too close to... READ MORE

Does this look over-corrected?

I am meeting with my surgeon tomorrow and would appreciate objective viewpoints prior to discussion. My surgeon tightened levator muscles of eye on... READ MORE

Mini Incision Double Eyelids Surgery: Does Removing a Lot of Fat Cause Your Crease to Go Deep, or to Go High? (photo)

I got my 2x eyelids surgery 4 days ago, the dr made 2 small incisions. 1 on the inside, 1 on the outer corner. My eyelid skin before the surgery was... READ MORE

Concerned about positioning and excess swelling, day five. Should my upper lids be this swollen? (photo)

4 days ago i had an upper/lower bleph. doing my best not to look, but the feeling of my face being stuffed w/fluff and a breezy sensation in my eye... READ MORE

Upper and Lower Eyelid Bruising After Surgery Four Days Normal?

I had upper and lower eyelid surgery four days ago, besides the bruising around the eyes, one of my eyes looks like it is fill with blood. It's very... READ MORE

Had Upper and Lower Eye Bag Surgery 4 Days Ago, After Surgeon Put Tape on Which I Am Now Finding Very Itchy, Can I Remove It?

Had Upper and Lower Eye Bag Surgery 4 Days Ago, After Surgeon Put Tape on Which I Am Now Finding Very Ichy, Can I Remove It READ MORE

Is it normal for my eyes to seem very asymmetrical 5 days after eyelid surgery for ptosis?

I had ptosis caused by muscular dystrophy (opmd). 5 days after surgery my eyes seem to be very asymmetrical. I have no real noticable swelling and do... READ MORE

Ptosis Repair?

I had congenital ptosis repair 4 days ago, and today i had a panic attack and cryed all day (for other reasons). My question is, will this affect my... READ MORE

non-incision blepharoplasty - significant swelling (photo)

I had my eyelid surgery 4 days ago and I still have a significant amount of swelling. The swelling has not subsided and it's making me nervous since I... READ MORE

Wrinkled Eyelid? Mold Hooding to Upper Eyelids at 26?

I had upper blepharoplasty 4 days ago and I still have my sutures in. I noticed that my one eyelid looks wrinkled. Like there is a skin fold on it. Is... READ MORE

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