Normal To Have Bruising Under my Eyes on Top of Cheekbones Following Upper Eyelid Surgery?

I am only 4 days post op and was told i would have bruising but wonder why I have so much bruising under my eyes just above my cheekbones when the surgery was on my upper lids. I am looking very colourful today , purple and yellow. I could understand it if i had surgery under my eyes.

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Normal to expect some degree of bruising

Bruising is expected after eyelid surgery and it usually resolves after 7 to 10 days.  Persistent bruising and discoloration of the soft tissues can occur.  There is really no magic cure as this will ultimately resolve on its own.  Occasionally alternating warm and cool compresses can help as well as on over the counter herbal product, Bromelean.  The usual antibruising dose is 500 mg twice a day between meals.

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Facial bruising after upper eyelid surgery.

Yes, it is not unusual to have facial bruising even after upper eyelid and forehead surgery.  Bruising may track along normal tissue planes into the cheeks and even neck and usually resolve without problem. 

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Bruising from Eyelid Surgery

You can thank Sir Isaac Newton and his explanation of gravity.  Gravity moves sweliing down and it drags the bruising along with it. This is very normal.  It will gradually dissipate. The swelling and bruising will continue to travel but disperses and becomes less visible with time.

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